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Your application is only as powerful as your automation. Easily set rule-based workflows to take smart action, everytime.

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Your Work, Powered By Automation

With rule-based actions, take your data collection & analysis a step further. Send alerts, automate follow ups, receive notifications, or examine data records all without manual oversight.

Examine Data

Look up data based on the criteria you select. Unlike 'Find Record,' you can add as many different sets of conditions as you'd like.

Find Record

Look up data based on the criteria you select and then perform actions based on the records.

Submit Data

Allows you to post data to other systems. It can be used to alert other systems of an event or post responses as they’re recieved.


With the 'Send Webform' option, easily set automatic follow-up reminder to send if a response isn't received within a certain time period.

Send Mail

Connect automation to email and trigger emails to be sent as notifications, alerts or follow-ups.

Send SMS

Similiar to send email in that you can send notifications and alerts, only this time via SMS text message.

Start Flow

Trigger an existing process.

End Flow

Stop the process, if specific paramters are met, during a workflow.


An action that allows you to integrate with other systems. Choose the URL of your endpoint or API, then define any required parameters.


Pause your workflow or set a period of time to wait before following up.

Insert Record

Add a record to an existing data set in Qrvey.

Delete Record

Delete a record to an existing data set in Qrvey.

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