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Analysts, teams and departments can experience the Qrvey platform right from the AWS Marketplace, all for a low hourly rate that’s half of what you’d pay with other vendors! 

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Now you can connect to your data, enhance it with machine learning, build beautiful analytics and automate your entire data pipeline, all from single analytics platform. Watch our below below to learn how to move your analytics into the age of microservices using the power of the AWS Marketplace.

Connect To Your Data

With Qrvey for Teams, you can connect to all your existing structured datasets, import CSV files and even collect new data using built-in web forms for surveys, quizzes and more.

Augment & Enhance

Qrvey automatically profiles your data to provide powerful insights as soon as it’s loaded and enhances it using machine learning for objection detection, keyphrases and  sentiment analysis.

Analyze, Visualize & Discover

Qrvey for Teams is a full-featured analytics platform that lets users build fully-interactive charts, reports, pages, metrics and dashboards with filtering, bucketing and all of the features you’ve come to expect from  modern analytics.

Do More With Automation

Build data-driven workflows with built-in automation that continually updates along with your data. Send alerts, update records and integrate with third-party systems based on user-defined triggers.

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