For Analysts & Teams

Take Your Analytics to New Heights

Qrvey product offers data analysts, teams and departments a comprehensive, all-in-one analytics platform that lets you do much more than simple visualization tools. Collect, build, analyze, collaborate and share data-driven insights like never before.

With Qrvey You Can…

Build powerful analytics applications that span the entire data pipeline from collection and transformation to analysis and visualization ultimately to distribution and data-driven decision making, all thanks to the latest automation and machine learning.

Connect To All Your Data

Now you can analyze all your data, no matter where it lives, and you can also collect new data using web forms, all with a single platform.

Transform & Prepare With Ease

Prepare your data for analysis with powerful, yet straightforward transformation tools that can process your semi-and unstructured data.

Analyze, Visualize & Discover

See your data in a whole new way by building beautiful charts, reports and dashboards that update in realtime as your data changes.

Do More With Automation

Build entire data-driven workflows that continually get updated with your data. Send alerts, update third-party systems and more.

Collaborate & Share Insights

Share applications and insights with team members, or add additional creators for self-service analytics applications.

Qrvey has the right solution
no matter what your need!

Analysts & Teams

Starter visualizations and analytics for data analysts,
departments and teams

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Software Companies

Powerful embedded analytics solutions for software companies

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Enterprise-grade analytics solutions and applications that scale effortlessly

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System Integrators

Cost effective servware opportunities for consultants and systems integrators

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