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Approachable. Robust. Insightful.

A Feedback Analysis

A Feedback Analysis Engine that isn't picky:

Structured, Semi-Structured, Unstructured, Human-collected or Machine-collected.

Interpret voices that impact your business most with Analytics.


Equal Data Opportunity

Qrvey's Analytics gives you the ultimate flexibility in unifying your feedback cycle.

With this universal approach, you can consolidate your collected data from different sources & let us do the analytics magic.

See your results in beautiful,
easy-to-understand Analytics

Filtering, Time-Series and Bucketing slide and dice your data in different ways.

Seamlessly Embed any part anywhere,

in your application, website, mobile application or platform.

Analytiq Testimonial

Everybody can collect feedback; it's the analytics that make this valuable.

Spot trends that spreadsheets just can't

Analytics Resources