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Qrvey Analytics:
Equal Data Oppurtunity

Robust analytics work to help you make data-driven business decisions from your applications, regardless of data format.

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Turn Any Type of Data into Insights

With Qrvey, you don’t have to settle on one data type. We provide the flexibility of consolidating all your data from different sources, no matter the data type.

Structured Data

Make your already-organized data stretch a step further. With Qrvey, you can upload all of your collected data into your custom application, tailoring the fields to your choosing or using pre-made fields within your data.

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Web Log

Point Of
Sale Data


Social Media


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Semi-Structured Data

With Qrvey, turn semi-structured data into easy-to-understand insights.

Filter data into a more organized structure, making it easier then ever to understand.

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Analytics Dashboard

Unstructured Data

Unstructured data can be intimidating and may seem overwhelming to organize. With Qrvey you can take all of that data and make organizing it a breeze. With charts optimized for unstructued components like sentiment and images, see your data in a whole new way and easily spot trends.

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Word Documents



Business Docs





Internal documents

Website Content

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Filter Your Data in a User-Friendly Interface

Now that you have added, or collected, your data, Qrvey provides you with analytic elements built specifically to help non-technical users better understand and uncover insights.


Group multiple answers into a single line to make comparisons easier. Group multiple answers into a single line.

Time Series

See how your responses are changing over time.


Add analytics panels from any of your webforms to favorites to see all of your important data in one place, in real time.

Export & Share

Quickly export or share your results in mulitple formats such as PDF, JPG, and links for sharing via email & social media.


With this visual representation, you can see when your Qrvey responses were recieved down to the day, week, or month.


View your analytics in as much detail as you want & filter your data with custom parameters.


If you set a branching option for your questions, you can view the results for every branch that you created.

Individual Responses

Exclude individual responses you deem as an outlier.

Analytics Dashboard

Build The Chart Of Your Dreams

Design a custom visualization from the data in your web form or spreadsheet. Choose from bar charts, line charts, word cloud charts. Layer to create interesting combo charts that illuminate interesting insights.

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