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There's a lot more to business intelligence and analytics than just charts and visualizations. That’s why Qrvey’s next-generation platform combines beautiful analytics with powerful data and automation tools and bundles them into convenient applications that can be shared, distributed or embedded for maximum convenience and usage.

Every application and component inside a Qrvey app has its own unique URL, making sharing insights and analysis a breeze. Every component also includes its own security settings to ensure that your data and analytics always remains safe and secure. Qrvey’s flexible pricing, packaging and licensing make it easy for everyone to always have access to the insights and answers they need.

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Learn why you should be creating no-code analytic apps instead of just charts and reports.
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What Types of Analytic Apps
Can I Build?

Analytic Applications give you the power and flexibility to address hundreds of different use cases, all from a single high-performance platform.

Your analytic apps can be deployed stand-alone or be embedded into other applications and platforms. They offer full self-service analytic capabilities, all while offering the utmost in data security and privacy.

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