AWS made some big machine learning (ML) announcements ahead of it’s annual re:Invent conference in Las Vegas this year. The company is making it easier for developers to add machine learning predictions to their existing applications and business intelligence dashboards using familiar SQL queries. According to Matt Asay, principal at AWS, these new tools will make Amazon Aurora and S3 data sources more accessible to their ML products like Amazon Comprehend and Sagemaker. In the blog, Asay noted that AWS’ mission is to put ML into the hands of every developer and the company firmly believes that it won’t be long before every application will be infused with ML. These announcements are music to our ears for a number of reasons.

First, this is great news for the AWS platform. It confirms what we’ve known all along, that machine learning needs to play a vital role in analytics going forward. AWS introduced more than 200 ML features and capabilities in 2018 alone, but these are among the first announcements that begin to apply those powerful services specifically to the analytics world. Fortunately, you don’t need to wait for AWS to bridge this gap, because Qrvey is already doing it!

Qrvey’s mission is to simplify analytics on AWS and after bringing analytics to the automation layer, we’re now hard at work bringing machine learning to every facet of our platform, from data collection and analysis to automation and ultimately data-driven decisionmaking.

These announcements are also great news for Qrvey. We’re an AWS customer too, after all, and as developers, we love when our toolbox gets bigger and our tools get better. Every new feature and technology that gets added to AWS can in turn be added to Qrvey, making our platform more capable, powerful and easier to use than ever.

The fact is that few companies have the time or resources to navigate the vast AWS universe and assemble the perfect analytics services. But at Qrvey, we have decades of analytics experience to know exactly which services are perfect for creating enterprise-grade solutions for self service and embedded use cases.  Our platform expertly combines over 26 different AWS microservices to create a seamless data pipeline. Why spend days and weeks writing code to reinvent analytics, when everything you need is ready, waiting and constantly improving at Qrvey?

Ultimately, these announcements are great for everyone who uses analytics and longs for data-driven decision making. Qrvey believes that everyone should have access to analytics. That’s why we provide the tools companies need to deliver analytics through self-service applications, embedded use cases and now through ML-driven automation that can take actions all on their own. Wherever analytics are needed, companies can now deliver, thanks to Qrvey and thanks to innovations like these from AWS. We can’t wait to see what else is announced at this year’s re:Invent and will report back soon with more highlights.

Learn more about simplifying your analytics on AWS with Qrvey.

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