The Next Chapter

Qrvey Series A Funding

In late 2007, some of the team now at Qrvey assembled to celebrate a significant milestone for another analytics company we all worked for at the time. We had just raised our Series A funding of $5 million and we felt like we had arrived! We had found our product-market fit and we were ready to scale. It was a great feeling knowing that the years of hard work and tedious trial and error that we had all put into the company had paid off, culminating in this event.

Fast forward to today, and the same group of people are celebrating once again! (virtually of course)

We are incredibly pleased to announce that Qrvey has raised a Series A round of $7.5 million to bring analytics to the modern age. This is the result of a lot of determination, hard work and innovation. Our forward-thinking team recognized years ago that cloud-native, all-in-one platforms would be the future of analytics. A big thank you to our customers who make us better and also to our team that continues to deliver cutting edge technology to our market, and a great experience to our customers.

While we hear of layoffs and furloughs in the analytics space and elsewhere, Qrvey is continuing to invest in our technology and our people – yes, we are hiring! These unusual times have accelerated digital transformation efforts at companies of all sizes and we are lucky to be able to provide the solutions they are seeking and to be their long-term analytics partner.

Onward to our next chapter…