Qrvey’s Secret Superpowers

Every software product needs a set of guiding principles. It’s not enough to just say, “this is the problem our product solves,” because as software evolves over time, it’s far too easy to stray from your original goals and lose sight of what’s most important to your customers. That’s why Qrvey developed a set of six principles, our six badges as we call them, on which our platform is built.

At our core, Qrvey is built around Self Service, the notion that by empowering everyone to build their own components, like forms, reports and workflows, our platform will be far more powerful than if we made the same functionality available to only a handful of developers or analysts. From there, we quickly realized that our platform couldn’t reach its full potential unless it also included the ability to collect data, analyze it and automate it. That’s why we became a fully integrated, All-In-One Platform that offers a seamless experience with countless possibilities and uses cases.

Since your data platform is only as good as the data it contains, All Data Accepted became our next priority, and it’s why we’re one of the only products to work with structured, semi- and unstructured data at the same time. Of course, getting data into our platform was only half the battle. We also needed a best-in-class way to get data and insights out of the platform as well, which is why Fully Embeddable became the next principle to get added to the list.

All four of these elements are made possible by our last two elements, a Modern Architecture and Scalable Performance. Qrvey is the only cloud-native analytics platform built on Amazon Web Services and that gives us the ability to innovate and deliver powerful features no other provider can match. If you haven’t seen what’s possible with modern architecture, you’re missing out. Scalable Performance is only one of the benefits the cloud provides.

These six badges have become an important part of Qrvey’s product philosophy, because when you combine them, they add up to a lot more than the sum of their parts. For example, you can’t truly fulfill a self-service mission unless, as I mentioned before, you can get the right information to the right people. That demands a product that’s both easily embedded and one that works on all devices. It demands access to all of your company’s data, not just some of it, and all of that data needs to be processed at the speed of your business which is only made possible by leveraging the power of today’s modern Cloud technologies. And while collecting and analyzing data is great, it’s far less useful if you can’t automate it, just as automation alone is far less useful if it doesn’t include collection or automation functions.

What do these six badges mean to you? They ultimately mean that Qrvey is a product you can trust, because we’re always thinking about what matters most to you and your organization. If any of our six badges are important to you, you’ll be in good hand at Qrvey. We’ve seen plenty of products in the market that claim to offer “self service capabilities,” but those products always have to make compromises. They’re always slow and cumbersome, for instance, because they weren’t thinking about performance. They may work great for one of your departments, but they won’t work for all of them because they weren’t built for All Data Accepted.

The Qrvey team has decades of experience working with enterprise software and business intelligence products. We’ve seen first hand how companies have lost countless opportunities by not having a fundamental understanding of our six badges. The badges aren’t just marketing, they’re fundamentally important step in creating a self service data solution that customers love and one that will endure for many years to come. They’re how you build a platform that doesn’t stray from its main reason for existing in the first place and how you can simplify business analytics using AWS.