Part 3 – A Case Study in Making the Right Choice

In this article, Part 3 of our three-part series on the challenges of software purchase regret, we’re discussing the overarching reason people make the wrong choice… the vendor considers embedding to be an afterthought. There are few industries where this is more prevalent than the analytics space.

Embedded analytics has already gone through several generations of development. The first era of embedded analytics was monolithic and dominated by vendors like Microstrategy. While embedding was secondary for these vendors they sold to companies with large development teams who could invest the time in embedding their solution.

The second generation of embedding was focused on iFrames and was ushered in by vendors like Logi Analytics. These solutions were easier to integrate and offered some customization but struggled to fully infuse into SaaS applications – especially in areas of self service.

Finally, the current generation of vendors launched – including Qrvey. These solutions offer more capabilities, embed easier, infuse completely into the UI/UX and leverage microservices from the world’s leading companies.Qrvey was born out of the failures of Gen 1 and Gen 2 analytics vendors.

Frequently, customers of other solutions such as Sisense, Logi or Tableau will approach us with frustrations they’re having with their current vendor – many of which were highlighted in this series. They had intended to launch analytics to their end users, were wowed by polished demos but ultimately they never realized the potential of the solution.

Some have been live in the market with limited or waning adoption while others never got off the ground.This can be frustrating, but with analytics becoming a commonplace expectation for customers, simply choosing to do nothing or delivering an inferior experience isn’t an option. Hence, Qrvey.

About Qrvey:

  1. Designed exclusively for SaaS companies – At Qrvey, embedding isn’t just a feature, it’s our passion and our entire focus. 
  2. Built by industry leaders with expertise in embedded analytics – Qrvey’s team has decades of experience in business intelligence and embedded business analytics space and has helped thousands of SaaS companies reach their analytics goals.
  3. Relentless commitment to customer success – At Qrvey, we’re not successful unless our customers are successful. Our customer experience team is second to none and can provide you with all of the tools and support you need.
  4. Thorough evaluations ensure success – Far too often, companies expect you to make big decisions after just a cursory evaluation. Qrvey provides a thorough trial of our platform to ensure we’re the right fit for your needs. 
  5. A best-fit licensing model that just makes sense for SaaS businesses – Qrvey’s pricing and licensing was built with SaaS companies in mind and encourages quick adoption and increased engagement. 
  6. Implement and launch quickly – Qrvey includes pre-built widgets and a powerful API that makes implementing powerful analytics to your users faster than any other platform. 
  7. Designed to make updating painless – Qrvey is 100% SLDC compliant with separate development, testing and production environments and all of the tools you need for the seamless deployment of analytics to your customers. 

While we can spill much more ink on why Qrvey is designed for the modern technology stack, we believe it is ideal to share the video below which shows Qrvey in action. It can be worrisome to replace the software you invested so much time, money and hope into.

However, like most PM decisions, it’s ultimately not a business decision. Is the software allowing you to meet your stated objectives? If the answer is no, it’s time to rip and replace.

Learning from past mistakes will make the next decision more thorough, robust and defensible. And you will probably wind up with a better fit for your product.So go ahead – be your product’s hero again and request a demo of Qrvey.

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