The Power of Data Profiling

There is a lot you can learn from looking at your data, but many times, the data itself can tell you even more. Data profiling is the process of categorizing and summarizing your data to provide useful information and spot important trends about your product, users or business that you wouldn’t otherwise have even noticed.

When you collect, connect or upload data to your Data Powerhouse in Qrvey, you get data profiling automatically. As soon as your connection is made, upload is complete or your first response is received, you can immediately tap into Qrvey’s analytic engine and instantly see summary visualizations for each question, field and column provided. All text-based data is automatically analyzed for sentiment and other identifying characteristics like keywords, phrases and entities, while all numeric and date data are analyzed to provide minimums, maximums, averages, distributions and more. If your data has been collected over time, Qrvey even includes time-series analysis, which will automatically segment your responses over time and show you how your data has been changing.

With data profiling, you can see at a glance things like the most commonly used words in a comment field or the sentiment breakdown of the feedback you’ve received. No longer will those numeric columns just be a lists of numbers, you can now quickly filter the data or group it into buckets for easy analysis. Dates are automatically broken out into days, weeks, months and years. And in every case, Qrvey will not only choose the best-fit visualization for the data that needs to be presented, but it will also resize and rescale that visualization to make the process of turning data into insights an enjoyable experience. It might even become something you look forward to.

Performing this level of data profiling isn’t even possible with most analytic tools, but thanks to Qrvey’s partners, like Amazon Web Services and IBM Watson, all of the features mentioned above happen almost instantly, and they’re all available today.

Data profiling can be used for a lot more than just analysis. It’s also incredibly helpful in building custom metrics about your software, users or business that can be tracked over time. These metrics can be quickly added to reports and dashboards and easily distributed throughout your company. Qrvey’s automation engine takes metrics even further, adding the ability to schedule reports and send alerts and notifications the instant something important changes.

Expect more from your data, with data profiling.