About us:

At Qrvey, we are on a mission to modernize embedded analytics for SaaS application providers. We solve the three biggest problems of traditional BI products with a modern approach to analytics that helps our customers move beyond just charts, reports and dashboards and into the age of the cloud, automation and artificial intelligence.

Sales Development Representative

Tysons, VA

About You:

– You are passionate about the power of modern data analytics and the impact it can have on enterprises of all stripes when it is done right.
– You are relentless but respectful. You pursue your leads with gusto and ensure that you leave a positive impression with every interaction.
– You have a technical aptitude and can be a fast learner on all things cloud and analytics.
– You are curious and have a deep desire to learn and grow inside of a fast-paced sales organization.
– You are data-driven, organized and a team player. You do what is required to help your organization thrive.
– You enjoy interacting with people over social media, email and phone and can speak passionately about technology.
– You have 1+ years of experience with a technology organization or previous SDR experience with a software company.
– You enjoy the thrill of helping build a rapid-growth company with a team of people that have done it before by being an early member of the sales and marketing team. Startup blood courses through your veins.
– You always, ALWAYS find a way!

In addition to optimizing current practices, you love finding new and unexplored ways to grow through partnerships, upsell, integrations, new strategies or new channels, and collaborating with your teammates to follow the road less traveled.

What You’ll Be Doing:

– Following up on all of the awesome leads that our fabulous marketing team generates as well as sourcing your own.
– Work closely with Account Executives, Sales Engineers and Customer Success Managers to set the stage for the right conversation at the right time.
– Document every interaction carefully in our CRM (salesforce.com) and have the ability to operate in our marketing automation system (HubSpot).
– Thrilling software providers, consulting organizations and other enterprises on AWS with the power of modern analytics done right.
– Following a script, improving on it, constantly learning and teaching.
– Working with an awesome team across the US and Colombia that believes in working collaboratively to solve challenges and transform the analytics landscape.

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