Why Impexium Chose Qrvey for Embedded Analytics

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Company Overview

Association Management
McLean, VA

Meet Imexpium

Impexium is based in McLean, VA and provides Association Management Solutions (AMS) that are as flexible as its customers are unique. The National Association of Automotive Dealers, Aerospace Medical Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys all rely on Impexium to keep their members in the know.

Impexium’s approach to membership management is informed by their many real-world successes. They rely on customers’ insights gathered from more than 2,000 implementation experiences, and they continuously refine their SaaS solutions to deliver the outcomes necessary to address major organizational goals — today and in the future.



Need to Modernize

As a growing SaaS company built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Impexium had two main challenges when they first reached out to Qrvey:

First, Impexium needed to replace their legacy analytics platform with a modern solution that could do more than just build charts and reports. They needed features such as responsive design, data automation and easy embeddability.

Most of all, their users wanted self-service capabilities so they could perform their own data analysis. Without self-service capabilities, Impexium was forced to build all of the charts, reports, dashboards and metrics their customers needed on an ad hoc basis, which was quickly becoming a daunting task that would not scale in the future.

Second, Impexium wanted to enhance their AMS platform by integrating member feedback in the form of surveys and quizzes. By utilizing data automation, they hoped to integrate feedback from event attendees and instantly provide those comments and sentiments to event organizers. Association members also hoped to use quizzes to test their members’ knowledge and skills and build certification programs.

“Qrvey allowed Impexium to go to market quickly and get analytics into the hands of our customers.”

Dadou JahanbaniChief Technology Officer



Powerful Results

Impexium’s results were significant for the enhancement of their SaaS platform. Their results achieved were the result of two main areas:

First, by choosing an AWS-native solution, Impexium was able to:

  1. Develop faster and get new reporting features to market quicker than having to perform a time-consuming integration with a solution that is not native to AWS and
  2. Scale their analytics to users more easily and cost effectively with a serverless-based product – built on a combination of AWS Lambda and DynamoDB – as opposed to traditional server-based products. 

Second, by combining data collection, analytics and automation into a single, easily embeddable platform, Impexium was able to:

  1. Provide their customers with advanced functionality in a fraction of the time it would have taken them to develop solutions in-house. They can now deploy analytics to more customers in more use cases than ever before.
  2. Better still, thanks to Qrvey’s self-service capabilities powered by AWS OpenSearch service, Impexium’s customers can build their forms and analytics to discover insights that were previously impossible.


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