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Why Qrvey is The Best Embedded Cloud Native Analytics Software

As embedded cloud native analytics software, Qrvey has the performance, flexibility and scalability your software demands. 

cost savings

Cost-Efficient On-Demand Services

engineering savings

Easy to Manage Content Deployments

Install to Unlimited Environments

Ready for Auto-Scaling As You Grow

Qrvey Takes the Pain Out of Multi-Tenant Data Preparation

Qrvey provides the missing link between databases and users. Qrvey’s cloud native analytics layer includes the necessary components to turn your database into a multi-tenant analytics data lake.

Qrvey analytics layer

The Power and Performance of the Cloud is at Your Fingertips.

Only Qrvey gives you the best of the cloud with a container-based analytics solution, deployed to your cloud. 

Scalability of the Cloud

Qrvey combines on-demand services into a single, multi-tenant analytics solution that empowers developers to ship faster and focus more on their core capabilities. 

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Security of Deployed

Your data never leaves your cloud as Qrvey is a deployed analytics solution. You are always in total control of your data and your infrastructure.

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Cost Efficiency You Need

By intelligently combining on-demand services and container technology, you can lower your infrastructure cost while maximizing enterprise-grade scalability.

Why Elasticsearch for Analytics

Compare Infrastructure Cost Savings

Traditional server-based software that sits idle won’t benefit anyone

Typical AWS Cost Savings vs Other BI Vendors


Save up to 94%

Compared to a Tableau recommended load-balanced deployment

Tableau Savings Comparison

Typical 3-Year Infrastructure Savings

$100,000 – $200,000

for a single node or load-balanced deployment based on Tableau minimum recommended specs plus 100GB of AWS Redshift storage

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Tableau Alternative


Save up to 90%

Compared to a Sisense recommended multi-node deployment

Sisense Savings Comparison

Typical 3-Year Infrastructure Savings

$90,000 – $130,000

for a multi-node, load-balanced deployment based on Sisense recommended specs plus 100GB of AWS Redshift storage

Learn more about how Qrvey provides a
Sisense Alternative

Optimize Your Snowflake Costs

Qrvey provides a better way to query data for analytics. Using Qrvey for an analytics data store instead of Snowflake can drastically reduce your bills.

Try Our Snowflake Cost Calculator to See Your Potential Savings.

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How It Works

Qrvey uses container technology to deploy our cloud-native analytics platform directly within your cloud environment.

Deploying software using containers offers several benefits that align well with the needs of SaaS companies including scalability, cost efficiency and portability.

When it comes time to update Qrvey, you’re in control. We will notify you the moment updates are ready, but you are in control of when you update to your staging environment.

Because Qrvey is container-based, install upgrades in place at any time with ZERO downtime or interruption to your data pipeline.

Qrvey offers you the flexibility to install the solution in as many environments as you require. This means all development, QA, and staging environments can have their own instance of Qrvey. 

You also can install Qrvey globally in multiple regions to match your SaaS platform deployment model.

Container technology is the best option available to SaaS platform to scale for growth while keeping costs in check.

Qrvey has led the way with a platform that is built to grow with your SaaS platform using on-demand services. Compare our infrastructure costs to others.


FAQs About Cloud-Native Analytics

Cloud-native analytics is a modern approach to data analysis that leverages the power and flexibility of cloud computing. Cloud-native analytics solutions are built using microservices, APIs, and serverless technologies that can scale on demand, integrate with any data source, and offer low-cost and high-performance benefits.

Embedded cloud-native BI is a category of software that benefits from using cloud-native technology. The demands of analytics lend itself well to cloud technologies rather relying on legacy server models.

Qrvey uses container technology to deploy its on-demand embedded cloud-native analytics platform directly within your cloud environment. 

This means that you have full control and ownership of your data, security, and infrastructure, while also enjoying the advantages of Qrvey’s analytics features and capabilities.

Deploying software using containers offers several benefits that align well with the needs of SaaS companies and their focus on embedded analytics and self-service analytics. Here are some key advantages:

Portability: Containers ensure that applications can run consistently across different computing environments. This means you can write your application once and deploy it anywhere, which is crucial for SaaS platforms that need to operate on various infrastructures.

Efficiency: Containers are more resource-efficient than traditional virtual machines (VMs), allowing for better utilization of compute resources. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for analytics applications that may require significant processing power.

Agility: The use of containers can integrate seamlessly with existing DevOps practices, enhancing the agility of development teams. This allows for quicker iterations and deployments of analytics features within your product.

Scalability: Containers can be easily scaled up or down, making them ideal for SaaS applications where demand can fluctuate. This ensures that your analytics services can handle peak loads without unnecessary resource expenditure.

Fault Tolerance: With containers, if one part of your application fails, it doesn’t bring down the entire system. This isolation improves the overall resilience and availability of your analytics services.

Speed: Containers can start up much faster than VMs, which is essential for deploying updates or new features quickly, keeping your analytics capabilities at the cutting edge.

Security: By isolating applications from the host system and from each other, containers can offer improved security, which is paramount for protecting sensitive analytics data.

Qrvey allows SaaS companies to create richer products and bring them to market faster, while lowering development costs. Qrvey provides a no-code solution for embedded analytics exclusively built for SaaS applications, with customizable and interactive dashboards, charts, reports, and more.

Qrvey also offers built-in data management for multi-tenant analytics, and content deployment tools to simplify the analytics lifecycle.

  1. You can get started with Qrvey by requesting a demo or signing up for a free trial.
  2. Qrvey will help you set up your cloud account and deploy Qrvey into your environment.
  3. You can then connect your data sources, create and embed analytics, and explore Qrvey’s features and functionality.

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Learn about Qrvey’s embedded analytics platform and get quick answers to your questions by booking a guided product tour with our experts. 

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