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What is a Data Powerhouse?

Data is at the heart of your organization, so it’s only fitting that data is at the heart of Qrvey as well. Now you can unify all of your company’s data into a single, high-performance repository that can be used for unrivaled analytics and automation services, something traditional data warehouses cannot match.

Qrvey is built using the latest high-performance cloud technologies, but is deployed into your own AWS account for maximum control and flexibility. Unlike legacy data warehouses, data is stored in an analytic-ready state and is optimized for performance. Our Elasticsearch core is then surrounded by several proprietary data technologies that include data collection, analytics and automation, all of which are presented in a powerful, yet easy to use no-code environment. Best of all, getting started with Qrvey is easy, thanks to our free trials and flexible pricing options.

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What Can You Do With A Data Powerhouse?


Qrvey makes it easy for companies to view their data in multiple ways, manipulate data with powerful tools and build beautiful visual analytics in just minutes. It starts with multiple data views that allow users to see everything they need from a comprehensive data profiler, to a spreadsheet view for editing and manipulation, and even dashboard views users can create themselves. In every view, your users will find great analysis tools like filtering, bucketing, sorting, aggregates and more, all with intuitive designs that encourage exploration and discovery.

Analytics and Data Visualization
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Chart Builder is Qrvey's powerful tool for building custom data visualizations. Everything from pie and line charts to geo-maps and heat maps can be created in just minutes. Even non-technical users can create combo-charts that include multiple layers, reference lines and more. Everything in Qrvey's analytic platform was designed for both simplicity and performance.


At Qrvey, we believe that unifying your data and providing robust analytic capabilities are only part of the story. The real power of a data platform is in its ability to take action all by itself. That's why our platform includes a robust automation engine to take your business to the next level. Qrvey makes creating rule-based workflows easy enough for even novice business users to master, and its embeddable nature means it can be deployed practically anywhere to maximize user adoption and usage.

Analytics and Data Visualization
powerhouse power of business

Your users can choose from a wide range of triggers, set conditions, add actions and Qrvey will take care of the rest. Automations are perfect for synchronizing and updating data, sending alerts and notifications or responding to inputs from third-party systems. Automations can also be used to collect new data, augment and enhance existing data or ask users to correct common data problems such as missing or incomplete data.

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