Deploying Business Analytics

Every consultant and systems integrator dreams of having the tools that allow them to deliver feature-rich solutions for their clients with minimal time and effort. However when it comes to solutions that require robust analytic capabilities, these tools are often hard or impossible to find.

In this book, we’ll outline both the promise and problems with today’s analytic tools and introduce you to a new, modern approach to business analytics in the cloud that leverage the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and can deliver the solutions your clients need in a package that’s built specifically for businesses like yours

  • Learn the promise and problems of traditional analytics
  • Learn a new approach to deploying analytics
  • Learn the Six Tenets of success
  • Get acquainted with no-code analytic applications
  • See how Qrvey was built for consultants and systems integrators
About Qrvey

Qrvey simplifies business analytics on Amazon Web Services (AWS) by offering the only all-in-one, cloud-native analytics platform that’s built for today’s business data. Using Qrvey, individuals, teams, enterprises and software companies can build analytics applications and complete data pipelines that include data collection, transformation, analysis, automation and actions using the latest in machine learning. 

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