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Our Embedded Analytics Product Fit Guide will walk you through the process of choosing an analytics provider and outline all of the steps involved. It was designed as a conversation starter to get you thinking about your specific needs, so you can align your requirements and priorities and ensure your analytics solution is a perfect match for your needs.

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Topic Outline

There are many considerations you should be thinking about as you evaluate different analytics vendors and solutions. It is important to both understand your needs and specific requirements as well as know which of them are the most important priorities for your project. Here are the areas covered in our Product Fit Guide:

1) Data Integration

Your analytics are only as good as the data you provide. That’s why it’s critically important that your analytics platform can easily connect to ALL of your data. Some of the data integration considerations you should be thinking about include:

  • Data Location
  • Data Types
  • Data Volume
  • Data Replication & Security

2) Product Features

Once your data is ready for analysis, it’s helpful to write down those “must have” features and capabilities that will make or break your project. Here are some specific features you might be lacking in your current solution:

  • Chart Options
  • Chart and Dashboard Builders
  • Visualization Augmentation
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Mixed Data On One Screen
  • Scheduled Report Generation
  • Data Refresh Rate
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Collection From Users
  • Automation
  • AI/ML

3) Developer Features

The next step is to think about how your analytics will be embedded into your software. When it comes to embedding, not all platforms are created equal. Here are some examples of developer-friendly features to consider:

  • Widgets Availability
  • Embedding Type
  • Whitelabeling
  • API Suite
  • Multi-Tenancy

4) Deployment & Architecture

Architecture is everything when it comes to embedded analytics. Performance, flexibility, scalability and even cost all hinge on how, and where, your platform was built. A few important areas to consider:

  • Deployment Model
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Performance
  • SDLC Compliance

5) Company Fit

You need a partner that will keep up with the pace of innovation, listen to your needs and be there for support when you need them most. Here are some factors to consider when choosing an embedded partner:

  • Experienced Team
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing & Licensing
  • Roadmap Alignment

Embedded Analytics Product Fit Guide

Download the complete Product Fit Guide for a full list of questions to ask and topics to consider. The guide includes all of the tables and checklists you’ll need to ensure a smooth evaluation, selection and deployment process.


Embedded Analytics Product Fit Guide

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