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Qrvey’s OEM offers software providers the ability to seamlessly embed our technologies into web or mobile applications, saving time and money.

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Qrvey’s OEM allows software vendors to

Embed our data collection technologies — such as web form builder — into your web-based or mobile applications overnight. End-users can create their own web forms (online form, questionnaire, survey, checklist, etc.) and visually analyze results with no technical knowledge.

Qrvey Automation also offers a powerful, yet easy-to-use, workflow engine to automate actions and trigger alerts based on responses. Qrvey is mobile-first and 100% responsive, across any device.

Qrvey Analytics allows for you to see your data in a whole new way. Whether data is structured, semi-structured, unstructured, human-collected or machine-collected, our analytics work.

OEM is the perfect option for software vendors looking to:

Embed a customizable no-code application builder that enables your non-technical business users to assemble purposely-built mobile or web applications with your platform.

Embed a self-service web form builder, intuitive analytics or workflow creator to empower your business users to leverage the power of automation.

Why OEM embedded solutions?

Shorten Time to Market

Instantly add technologies to your product without having to build and maintain yourself.

Increase Revenue

Increase your revenue by enhancing your software to fit the needs of your customers.

customer retention

Listening to your customers lets you know where you may be losing people and why. With robust analytics, deciphering that data has never been easier.

Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive edge by adding new features overnight that delight your existing customers, and strengthen your chance of winning new business.

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Awesome Features

Discover how our features can work for you, by playing with our apps, analytics and automation.

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