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Self Service Analytics

Qrvey is the quickest and easiest way to deploy self-service analytics to everyone within your organization. Users of varying technical abilities can perform their own data collection, analysis and automation right from within the Qrvey interface and leverage the power of AWS and machine learning to make smarter, data-driven decisions without any coding.

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Embedded Analytics

No analytics platform would be complete without the ability to seamlessly embed end-user content such as charts, reports, metrics and dashboards within existing applications. Qrvey offers a full suite of developer-friendly APIs and prebuilt UI widgets that make deploying insightful analytics to your users simple, efficient and highly cost-effective.

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Automated Analytics

Qrvey includes a powerful automation engine that can simplify and automate your entire data pipeline. Tasks such as collecting and transforming new data, monitoring metrics and thresholds, and sending alerts and notifications are all built into the platform. Qrvey can even take actions and update third-party systems as the data conditions change.

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AI-Enhanced Analytics

No modern business analytics solution would be complete without the assistance of machine learning to help augment and enhance your data, spot trends and correlations and help make data-driven predictions and recommendations. Using the power of AWS, Qrvey is able to make machine learning accessible to everyone in your organization.

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What Qrvey Offers

  • All data accepted — even dark data like images and video!
  • Automation, workflows, AI and machine learning
  • An advanced, cloud-native architecture that auto-scales to your needs
  • Business-friendly, flexible licensing

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"Qrvey offers everything you need in one complete platform. Manage your entire data pipeline with no add-ons or hidden costs!"