Intelligent Information Broadcasting

Getting the right information to the
right people in your enterprise has
never been quicker or easier.

Smart Decisions Begin With The Right Information

Becoming a data-driven enterprise depends on being able to effectively broadcast information to everyone in your company who has important decisions to make. Yet for many companies, information analysis and dissemination is merely an afterthought, often done in a haphazard way on an ad-hoc basis.

Qrvey’s Intelligent Information Broadcasting (IIB) provides a secure, self-service environment for anyone in your organization to build metrics, charts, reports and even complete interactive, data-driven applications. These important insights can immediately be broadcast and shared to individuals, departments, executives or suppliers the moment new data is received and metrics need attention. Stop relying on legacy email and mailing list systems to distribute important company insights. Intelligent broadcasting with automation can transform how information turns into action.

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What Do You Get With
An IIB Solution?


IIB includes a centralized platform that integrates data collection, analytics and automation into a powerful, all-in-one data solution that can be centrally managed by your existing IT department for maximum control, flexibility and security.

Self Service

IIB can be deployed as secure self-service applications, allowing end-users to build their own metrics, analytics, notifications and alerts. Colleagues can easily subscribe to the information they want to see and unsubscribe from everything they don’t.


IIB provides robust data and user-level security that is centrally managed, making it quick and easy to integrate with existing security policies. Activity and audit logs offer compliance monitoring and peace of mind for administrators.

Data Smart

Forget about rigid scheduling, IIB brings data applications to life by allowing them to respond to events in real-time as new data is received. Key metrics can be calculated on-demand and end users can each apply their own filters and criteria to their analytics.


IIB provides end-users with maximum flexibility. They can choose which reports and metrics they’re interested in, where and when they’d like to receive alerts, and everything can be fully customized, while still looking great on any size mobile or desktop device.

High Performance

IIB includes a highly-scalable, modern cloud architecture that works seamlessly with all types of data, including structured, semi- and unstructured data, and provides quick access to both on-premise and cloud data stores. The end result? A truly unified data platform.

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