Embedded Analytics
for SaaS Companies

Over the past 10 years, SaaS companies have become the dominant force in almost every facet of the software industry. But all of this growth and success comes with a catch. SaaS companies can’t afford to stand still or even slow down their pace of innovation, they MUST continually innovate.

This is why SaaS companies need a lot more than crude in-house solutions, more than chaotic open source solutions and more than legacy embedded products that simply don’t offer what SaaS companies really need. And that is why we’d like to introduce you to Embedded Analytics exclusively for SaaS Companies.

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If You Build it…

Sure, you can build your own analytics. But, the entire embedded analytics industry was born because in-house analytics projects just aren’t good enough for SaaS companies. Homegrown analytics are too slow, too cumbersome and over time, they only siphon time and resources from more urgent priorities.

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If You License it…

Most SaaS companies, at one point or another, will be lured by the promise of open source software that offers a host of great functionality. With open source, you don’t have to build your analytics from scratch, they’re already built, and they’re far less expensive than buying an embedded analytics platform, right? Well, not really…

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If You Embed Traditional BI Vendors…

Traditional BI and many embedded analytics platforms hoped to put reports and dashboards into every part of an organization. However, despite its best efforts, the industry has long struggled with poor user adoption and has fared far worse with SaaS companies that demand complex internal and external-facing applications with multi-tenancy. SaaS companies have never been their focus.

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But if You Embed Qrvey!

Qrvey allows SaaS companies to save time, money and resources by providing a complete, end-to-end analytics solution so SaaS companies can focus on their core strengths. With Qrvey, it’s easy to develop robust analytics and build them right the first time, lowering the risk of costly diversions.

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