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Companies Choose Qrvey Over Tableau for Embedded Analytics Solutions Because Qrvey is
Purpose Built for SaaS Applications

Comparison Overview


Qrvey was built from the ground up with the modern architecture needed to deliver the performance required by today’s demanding SaaS analytics projects. Qrvey can ingest any data, not just structured data, activating the remaining 70% of dark data that gets missed by legacy tools like Tableau.

Core Strengths



Best for SaaS applications and distributed use cases


Tableau is a great choice if your needs are limited to sharing pre-designed visualizations, reports and dashboards to internal stakeholders. If distribution, scalability and self-service are not important, you can’t go wrong with Tableau.

Core Strengths

Read-Only Reporting
Internal Use-Case


Suitable for internal applications/use cases

One Platform for Your Entire Data Pipeline

Data collection and transformation, analysis and visualization, and automation and activation are built-in. Users can quickly build their own charts, reports, dashboards and metrics without writing a single line of code and automation allows for alerts, notifications and integrations into third-party systems.

Scaling & Distribution

Maximum Flexibility with 100% Auto-Scaling Services

Qrvey is a 100% cloud-native and serverless analytics platform that’s built on AWS but deployed right to you. With a unique microservices-based framework, Qrvey has engineered an AWS analytics platform that is always fast, available and resilient. Ensure your users never miss a beat and insights flow at the speed of your data.

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Embedded Analytics

Integrate Analytics Directly into your Product, Portal, or App

Qrvey offers complete control over our user interface and gives you all of the tools you need to create a customized white label experience. And while other solutions just offer embedded outputs, Qrvey was built from the ground up to be embedded into other applications, offering both embedded outputs and builders for everything from charts and dashboards to forms and automated workflows.

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Connect to All Your Data — Seriously

Your data is one of your biggest competitive advantages. Don’t trust it to just anyone. Turn to the only analytics platform with an “all data accepted” philosophy that gives you the complete data picture. Qrvey turns your semi- and unstructured data sources into meaningful insights that will keep you one step ahead of your competition.

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