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Introducing NPS, the quick and easy way to see your business through the eyes of your customers by using the standardized Net Promoter Score™. This simple one-question survey is easy for customers to answer and lets business owners see how their company stands up to the competition and how it improves over time.

Creating an NPS with Qrvey takes less than a minute and Qrvey makes it effortless to distribute them via email, social media or even right on your website or application.



NPS asks the same question, every time, so you can easily see how your company compares to others and how your individual score changes over time.


Respondents are encouraged to leave comments so you can quickly tell what’s working and where your business needs to improve.


You can add NPS directly to your website to catch users or customers when you already have their attention and are most likely to respond.

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powerful analytics

Qrvey’s powerful analytics gives you quick access to recent activity and long-term trends with just a few clicks. All NPS data can also easily be shared via social media or downloaded as PNG or CSV.


Create complete workflows using AutomatiQ, our automation platform that monitors responses and triggers actions and alerts based on the answers you’ve received.

custom branding

Match your NPS to your brand using custom logos and colors.

in action

NPS video

Measure how your business is doing in the eyes of your clients with one simple question. Quick. Easy. One and done!

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