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The only turnkey multi-tenant analytics solution that empowers development teams to ship faster and reduce maintenance.

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How Qrvey Stacks Up Against Others

Qrvey Knows It Takes a Team to be Successful

A successful embedded analytics solution requires coordination of each group. Qrvey’s solution design is uniquely crafted to offer the best to every user that makes an embedded analytics program successful.

Product Managers

Create differentiation and monetize your analytics solution to increase the value your SaaS application offers.

Engineering Managers

Being able to get to market fast is critical in this competitive environment. Move fast and make efficient use of your team’s time.

DevOps Managers

Qrvey’s deployment model makes it easy to manage and allows you to deploy in an unlimited number of environments.

Curious Why SaaS Companies Choose Qrvey for Embedded Analytics?

Qrvey allows SaaS companies to create richer products and bring them to market faster while lowering development and deployment costs.

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