qrvey platform


Introducing Quiz, a fun way to engage respondents, test skills and collect valuable feedback, all at the same time. With Quiz, you can ask questions, assign points and see who among your respondents can capture the top of the leaderboard. Send them via email, social media or wherever your respondents happen to be.

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multiple question types

Choose from a variety of different question types to engage respondents and make answering fun.

pointing system

Features like tags, paths and titles allow for powerful logic and dynamic content to be presented to each respondent.

social media integration

Choose exactly how many minutes, hours or days you’d like to wait before asking your next question(s).

seamless automation

Cut and paste just two lines of HTML and add them to the body of your web page and you’re done.

powerful analytics

Qrvey puts you in the driver’s seat to decide whether to require respondents to enter their email address or respond anonymously.

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custom branding

Match your surveys to your brand with custom logos and colors.

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Take a look inside the account of a Qrvey power user.

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