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Self Service Analytics

As a stand-alone application, Qrvey is the quickest and easiest way to deploy self-service analytics to everyone within your organization. Users of varying technical abilities can perform their own data collection, analysis and automation right from within the Qrvey interface and leverage the power of AWS and machine learning to make smarter, data-driven decisions without any coding. Qrvey provides administrators the ability to maintain complete control of their data and infrastructure with granular access security options within every application.

Basic Embedded Analytics

Basic Embedded Analytics

No analytics platform would be complete without the ability to seamlessly embed end-user content such as charts, reports, metrics and dashboards within existing applications. Qrvey offers a full suite of developer-friendly APIs and prebuilt UI widgets that make deploying insightful analytics to your users simple, efficient and highly cost-effective. Full customization options mean your analytics will always look their best.

Enhanced Embedded Analytics

Enhanced Embedded Analytics

Qrvey is the only platform that, in addition to basic embedding of end-user content, also allows for the embedding of the complete builder experience. This capability enables users to not only view and interact with analytics, but also build their own. We have builder widgets available to create web forms, charts, pages, reports, dashboards and more, giving users the ultimate ability to see and explore their data in new ways, creating a whole new breed of analytics application creators.

software providers

For Software Providers

The Qrvey platform is built with you in mind, offering the most flexible solution for embedded use cases, from basic to enhanced. Our licensing model was designed to grow with your business, our product roadmap aligns with yours and our team of software veterans, who pioneered embedded analytics, is ready to partner with you to ensure your success. We speak your language!

Service providers

For Service Providers

Qrvey is a comprehensive platform to quickly deploy customized analytics capabilities to your enterprise customers regardless of their vertical or use case, whether embedded or stand alone. Turn services into “servware” that can provide new revenue streams with the only all-in-one analytics platform built 100% cloud-native on AWS without requiring a single line of code. We enable you to do more with far less!

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