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The Financial Industry is in the Middle of a Revolution

New technologies and services, along with entirely new business models, are disrupting the ways finance has been conducted for decades. As banks, financial institutions and startups alike reinvent themselves, the need for new thinking about data and analytics has become paramount.

Read on for some of the biggest data challenges facing the financial industry.

Challenge #1

The Rise of Credit Services

Access to credit has never been easier. Credit approvals are now almost instantaneous and all you need to apply for a mortgage is your phone. Whether you’re an individual, small business or a large corporation, there are whole new categories of financial services available to you. As credit becomes ubiquitous, with more customers, more lending and more services, so do all-new streams of data that must be collected, organized, transformed and made ready for analysis.

Financial models demand big data to improve their efficiency, which is why Qrvey was built to perform in even the most demanding of applications. Hundreds of millions of rows can now be analyzed in seconds, while machine learning aids in data augmentation, analysis, predictions and more.

Challenge #2

The Rise of Personalization

Financial services are no longer one size fits all. More and more financial institutions are focusing on building personalized customer experiences, along with data-driven marketing to help match individuals with the services that fit them best. By matching the right customers with the right services, everyone wins. Personalization, however, also requires a ton of data and analytics, coupled with new technologies like machine learning to make it possible.

Qrvey excels in analytics performance because of its cloud-native architecture that leverages the full power of the cloud and AWS to economically meet any analytics challenge. Even datasets with hundreds of millions of rows can now deliver insights in just seconds.


Challenge #3

The Rise of Automation

When it comes to the areas of investing, younger generations are eschewing traditional money managers in favor of the automated wealth managers and other online services that make investing more accessible and approachable than ever. All of these new digital-first ecosystems bring with them a ton of new questions and challenges around data, analytics, privacy, security and more.

Qrvey was built for the next generation of analytics applications and fits perfectly with the needs of next-generation financial products. Qrvey embraces analytics, automation, big data, and machine learning.

Challenge #4

The Rise of Machine Learning

No single technology holds more promise in the financial world than machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machine learning is what makes many next-generation financial products possible. Yet up until now, machine learning has only been the domain of data scientists and software developers, leaving many in the financial industry in the dark with partial and incomplete information.

Qrvey integrates machine learning into the entire platform to augment data, spot trends and gain insights faster and better than traditional human-focused solutions using legacy analytics technologies.

Customizable Financial Industry Analytics and BI Platform

Qrvey’s All-in-One Analytics Solution

Qrvey is the only all-in-one cloud-native analytics solution that gives the financial industry the tools they need to meet their new challenges and opportunities.

As the financial world continues to embrace exciting new digital technologies, the need for powerful, flexible and scalable analytics solutions only intensifies.

Only Qrvey offers an all-in-one cloud-native analytics platform that can deliver self-service, embedded and enterprise-grade analytics applications to meet these new challenges.

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Next-Gen Financial Industry Analytics

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