Healthcare Analytics

Solving Today’s Healthcare Data Challenges

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Healthcare Analytics Capabilities

Connect to any data source, including FHIR-compliant health data records

Qrvey ingests any data type including semi- and unstructured data sources as well as third-party and realtime IoT data streams. Qrvey is fully compliant with the new HL7 FHIR patient medical record standards.

Embed analytics directly within your existing software applications

Qrvey was built from the ground-up to be embedded within other software applications. This allows software vendors and solutions providers to offer unparalleled user experiences with full white labeling capabilities using robust APIs and low code widgets.

Use native survey tools for realtime patient wellness and satisfaction feedback

Improve operating efficiency and patient outcomes by using Qrvey’s built-in web forms that include surveys and embedded forms. They’re perfect for wellness checks and satisfaction surveys and can be completely automated.

Deploy Qrvey in your existing AWS environment for the ultimate data security

Qrvey is deployed directly to you AWS environment creating a new standard for software architecture. Built on serverless and containerized microservices, infrastructure costs are drastically lower while still giving you the ultimate data security.

Qrvey can natively ingest FHIR formatted patient records.

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Data Consolidation

Medical facilities of all types have to keep their tech up to date and that means combining data from various systems in different formats, including FHIR, into one integrated view.

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Big Data & Digitization

Patient medical records have gone digital, but security is still a top concern. Learn more about how we built an AWS solution for healthcare analytics.

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AI & Predictive Analytics

Increased data volumes and sources have quickly outpaced our ability to analyze them, driving the demand for machine learning and predictive analytics.

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Internet of Medical Things

New classes of connected devices from glucose monitors to smartwatches are generating real-time data that pose unique challenges for the healthcare community.

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Analytics is Required to Understand the Patient Experience

Healthcare analytics now plays a vital role in hospitals, outpatient clinics, universities and research facilities. With every segment producing vast amounts of new and often real-time data, the healthcare industry needs new, scalable solutions that can do a lot more than just make charts, reports and dashboards.

That’s why Qrvey offers an all-in-one analytics platform that encompasses your entire data pipeline and can natively ingest HL7 FHIR formatted patient medical records.

See How Qrvey Works with FHIR Medical Records

Advanced Analytics for Healthcare

Changing the World of Medicine

Qrvey is the only all-in-one, deployed healthcare analytics solution that gives the healthcare industry the tools they need to meet their new challenges and opportunities.

Only Qrvey has the cloud-native architecture to deliver the scalability, flexibility, features and performance to meet the needs of today’s medical community.

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Healthcare Analytics

Solving Today’s Healthcare Data Challenges

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