Advanced Analytics
for Healthcare

Changing the World of Medicine

The healthcare industry is in the middle of a data revolution, with exciting new technologies changing the face of everything from cutting-edge medical research to how you see your family physician. This data revolution  has also led to many new data and analytics challenges for the entire healthcare industry, challenges that require new analytics tools and new ways of thinking.

Read on for some of healthcare’s biggest analytics challenges, as well as their biggest opportunities to provide better outcomes for patients.

Challenge #1

The Rise of Telemedicine

With more and more patients being forced to spend hours in waiting rooms, it’s no surprise that telemedicine is increasing in popularity. But while medical services are now more readily available, patient data is now more fragmented than ever. The healthcare industry needs new data pipelines for aggregating and analyzing data to spot patterns and trends and ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

Qrvey tackles data security with a unique deployment model that gets installed directly into your existing AWS account. You’re always in control of your data and infrastructure – this way you’ll never need to rely on third-party analytics solutions.

Challenge #2

Big Data and Digitization

Health records and medical data are increasingly moving to the cloud, bringing with it many efficiencies and cost savings, but also many new questions. Digital records are only valuable if they’re analytics-ready and available to everyone who needs them.

Qrvey excels in analytics performance because of its cloud-native architecture that leverages the full power of the cloud and AWS to economically meet any analytics challenge. Even datasets with hundreds of millions of rows can now deliver insights in just seconds.

Challenge #3

AI and Predictive Analytics

Increased data volumes and sources have quickly outpaced our ability as humans to analyze them. But while the rise of machine learning and predictive analytics continues to look promising, putting these new technologies into practice has proven to be more cumbersome than expected.

Qrvey integrates machine learning into the entire platform to augment data, spot trends and gain insights faster and better than traditional human-focused solutions using legacy analytics technologies.

Challenge #4

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

New classes of connected devices from glucose monitors to smartwatches are generating entirely new classes of real-time data that pose unique challenges for the healthcare community. IoMT data is semi-structured in nature, requiring additional preparation for analytics. The data must also be processed at the speed at which it’s collected, which is real-time.

Qrvey solves today’s data challenges with an All Data Accepted philosophy. Using its Data Router, Qrvey can quickly and efficiently ingest data from disparate sources and transform even the most complex of data types, including semi- and unstructured data, making it all analytics-ready and available for a variety of analytics use cases.

Customizable Healthcare Analytics and BI Platform

Qrvey’s All-in-One
Analytics Solution

Qrvey is the only all-in-one, cloud-native analytics solution that gives the healthcare industry the tools they need to meet their new challenges and opportunities.

With so many new technologies in the healthcare space, it’s time to think differently about your analytics and adopt a modern analytics solution that moves beyond just visualizations.

Only Qrvey has the cloud-native architecture to deliver the scalability, flexibility, features and performance to meet the needs of today’s medical community.

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Advanced Analytics for Healthcare

Changing the World of Medicine