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Introducing Survey, the quick and easy way to ask anyone, anything, anytime and anywhere. Surveys are both quick to make and quick to take, and include all of the great features below. Send them via email, social media or wherever your users or customers happen to be.


11 Question Types

How you ask a question is almost as important as what you ask, that’s why surveys include over 11 different question types to engage respondents and make answering fun.

Advanced Functionality

Features like tags, paths and titles allow for powerful logic and dynamic content to be presented to each respondent.


Quickly share your surveys via social media with just a click, or go viral by encouraging your respondents to share after they’ve answered.

Results Privacy

Choose whether to share the results of your survey with respondents or keep them all to yourself with a flip of switch.

Email Collection

Qrvey puts you in the driver’s seat to decide whether to require respondents to enter their email address or respond anonymously.

Custom Branding

Match your surveys to your brand with custom logos and colors.


Discover what’s hidden within your responses with powerful features like filtering and crosstab analysis, plus the ability to view individual responses. All survey data can also easily be shared via social media or downloaded as PNG or CSV.

Seamless Automation

Create complete workflows using AutomatiQ, our automation platform that monitors responses and triggers actions and alerts based on the answers you’ve received.

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