Embedded Data Visualization

Design Custom Experiences

Increase Customer Satisfaction.
Delight your end-users with the freedom to create any analytics experience within your SaaS application.

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Embedded Analytics Dashboard

Put an End to Feature Requests

Customers are constantly asking for better reports and those requests can dominate a roadmap.
Give them the tools to create reports specific to their needs.

More Choices

Choose from a wide variety of visualization options.

Dashboard Builders

Give end users the power to create dashboards within your SaaS app.

Granular User Permissions

Inherit security controls rather than duplicate users and roles.

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White Label For Seamless Integration

Third party solutions should blend in seamlessly. Qrvey offers full white label support to create dashboards and charts that look and feel like your SaaS application.

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The Features Your Users Expect

Empower users to build their own dashboards or single charts with drill-ins, granular filtering, custom formulas and groups all with a responsive interface that works with any device.

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Easy to Implement Multi-Tenant Data Security

Restrict users to specific data. Permission data on multiple levels such as tenant, user role, or user group down to column and row level security.

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Create Templates

Product teams can create templates as starting points for users to build custom dashboards so they don’t have to start from a blank canvas.

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Target Specific Tenants with New Content

Achieve granular control over new content rollouts. This could be new templates, a beta rollout, or content only for specific premium tier customers.

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See How JobNimbus deployed Qrvey to 6,000 customers and saw an immediate reduction in customer churn.

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FAQs About
Embedded Data Visualization

  • Empowers users: Users can create custom dashboards tailored to their specific needs and insights, fostering data-driven decision-making within your user base.
  • Reduces reliance on IT: Users can analyze data independently, decreasing the need for IT teams to create and maintain custom reports.
  • Improves user engagement: Interactive visualizations make data exploration more engaging and accessible, leading to higher user adoption.

Qrvey offers all its embedded data visualization widgets as standard javascript-based embeds. Once Qrvey is installed within your cloud environment, it is easy to create a dataset and connect it to an embedded dashboard or a single chart by copying embed code to test it out.

Once ready, Qrvey’s embedded visualization widgets easily map to your security model so that security assertions are based with a JWT token at the time of rendering the visualization for maximum multi-tenant data security.

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  • Ease of use: The tool should be intuitive and user-friendly, even for non-technical users.
  • Customization options: The tool should offer a variety of chart types and customization options to cater to different user needs.
  • Integration capabilities: The tool should integrate seamlessly with your existing SaaS infrastructure and data sources.
  • Security and governance: The tool should offer robust security features and access control mechanisms to protect sensitive data.
  • Provide comprehensive training and resources: Offer tutorials, documentation, and workshops to help users learn how to use the tools effectively.
  • Showcase success stories: Highlight how other users have benefitted from self-service analytics to inspire adoption.
  • Gather feedback and iterate: Continuously gather user feedback and update the tools and resources based on their needs.

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