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If you think analytics is just about visualizations… think again!

To evolve into a data-driven organization, your business needs to take a new approach to analytics and consider the big picture. Analytics is no longer just about building reports, metrics and dashboards. If you want to be ahead of the competition, you must consider your entire data pipeline from start to finish.

It’s About Data

All analytics start with data. If you want to solve your dark data problem, you need to do more than just connect to existing data sources. You need tools that can:

Collect new data using web forms and workflows
Augment, enhance and transform existing data
Process semi- and unstructured data sources
Make all of your data ready for real-time analysis

Analytics isn’t analytics without data.

It’s About Automation

The job of analytics doesn’t end when the charts and reports are created. It ends when insights are made and actions are taken. That means your analytics platform must include automation and be able to distribute analytics to those who need them and take actions all on its own. Automation, distribution and embeddability aren’t “nice to haves,” they’re crucial in building the next generation of data-driven workflows and applications.

Automation and workflows
Distribution and sharing

Analytics isn’t analytics without Automation.

It’s About Architecture

Legacy architectures simply don’t cut it in today’s cloud-enabled world. If your analytics platform isn’t cloud-native and leveraging microservices, then it’s not ready to process all of your data, it’s not ready to scale and it won’t include must-have new features like predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Only a serverless architecture can install directly into your existing cloud deployments and work seamlessly for data security, privacy and single sign-on .

100% microservices based

Analytics isn’t analytics without Modern Architecture.

It’s About Your Business

Even the “perfect” analytics platform isn’t really perfect if it doesn’t grow with your business. Embedded and distributed analytics require a company that understands that embedded analytics isn’t just a feature set, it’s a mindset. If your analytics provider isn’t focused on embedding, they’re not focuses on you. They won’t have the pricing, licensing or experience you need to scale and be successful.

Flexible licensing

Analytics isn’t analytics without Qrvey.

See The Big Picture

Qrvey is the only modern analytics platform built with the big picture in mind. We are an all-in-one platform that includes data collection, transformation, analytics, automation and machine learning learning. We are built on AWS and are completely serverless using 100% microservices. Our platform has everything you need, including a company with decades of experience providing embedded and distributed analytics solutions for companies just like you.

Don’t waste time revisiting yesterday’s analytics solutions. Schedule a demo of Qrvey today and see how we can transform how you think about analytics.

Why Executives Qrvey

Choosing an analytics solution is about a lot more than just choosing the right product for your needs, it’s about choosing the right partner. That’s why executives love Qrvey. Our entire business model was designed to ensure our partners are successful with our platform. Everything from our pricing and licensing to our product roadmap is aligned with our partners’ goals.

Why Software Architects Qrvey

Software architects continually tell us that if they were going to build software from scratch, they’d build it cloud-native using microservices, just as we’ve done with Qrvey. You simply cannot match the performance, scalability and flexibility, not to mention the cost savings and efficiency of upgrading individual components rather than entire systems.

Why Product Managers Qrvey

Product managers have lots of reasons to love Qrvey! We are the only all-in-one, cloud-native analytics platform optimized solely for AWS. We give product managers a full suite of powerful tools that let them go to market faster, provide increased user satisfaction and offer unparalleled innovation while allowing them to focus on their core competency.

Why Developers Qrvey

Developers love Qrvey for our robust API and prebuilt widgets that make deploying and embedding analytics quick and easy. With Qrvey, developers have a highly customizable and extensible platform that provides all of the tools they need to put powerful self-service analytics into the hands of more users than ever before.

Why End Users Qrvey

Users love Qrvey’s well-designed self-service capabilities that makes building and using analytics easy and intuitive. Charts, reports, metrics and dashboards can all be built and used without deep knowledge of data structures or writing a single line of code. Sharing and distributing results and insights is also quick and easy.

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