Moving Beyond
Traditional Analytics

Today’s modern businesses need a modern analytics platform that can handle today’s data needs. Qrvey is quite simply the fastest and easiest path to harness the full power of AWS and bring your analytics into the age of microservices. Using microservices, your analytics can move beyond just visualizations to include whole new classes of applications and exciting new features like machine learning while still offering the flexibility, scalability and cost savings you’ve come to expect from a modern analytics platform.

Architecture Is Everything

Architecture Is Everything

Qrvey was born on AWS and uses a microservice architecture that assembles over 26 different AWS services into the most versatile and easy-to-use analytics platform available today. All of Qrvey’s core functionality stems from smart architectural decisions designed to provide the power you need today while future-proofing your investments for tomorrow. Qrvey is not a SaaS application. We deploy into your existing AWS accounts so you're always in control of your data and infrastructure for security, compliance and maximum cost savings.

Fastest Go-To-Market

All Data Accepted

Up to 70% of all business data is never used for analytics because legacy analytics products weren’t designed to handle today’s data. Qrvey was born in the cloud to accept ALL your data, including structured, semi- and unstructured, along with files, photos, audio and video. Only Qrvey can offer the complete data picture and do it at the scale your business demands.

All-in-One Platform

All-in-One Platform

Qrvey is a comprehensive platform that moves analytics beyond just basic reports and visualizations to include data collection, transformation, analysis and automation using the latest machine learning technologies. By seamlessly combining all of these powerful technologies, Qrvey continually collects new data, monitors and analyzes your existing data, and is able to take actions, update systems and send alerts as the data dictates, finally delivering on the promise of data-driven decision making.

Fully Embeddable

Fully Embeddable

The Qrvey platform offers enhanced embedding capabilities that allow software and service providers to embed not only end-user content, but also the tools that create them. Users can finally build their own analytics applications without coding. Qrvey fully supports embedded use cases with licensing that grows with your business and has a team with decades of experience to ensure your success.

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