See Qrvey in Action…

Lots of companies claim to offer embedded analytics
for SaaS providers, but seeing is believing.

Qrvey was built for SaaS providers like you and is the only analytics solution that shortens development time, enhances capabilities and simplifies your data pipeline.

In this short demo, you’ll get an overview of the Qrvey platform and see our many capabilities in action, including:

1) Analytics features for both creators and end users
2) Data collection and transformation that ingests any data type
3) Automation and machine learning to put data into action

You’ll also learn how a modern, cloud-native architecture makes it all possible and why being 100% serverless is going to save you a bundle.

Watch a Demo Video

See Why Everyone is Talking About Qrvey

Qrvey was easy to integrate into my SaaS product. I was amazed at how quickly my development team was able to complete the rollout.

~ Healthtech Product Owner

Customer satisfaction immediately increased when I was able to offer them the ability to create customized reports directly within my product.

~ VP of Product Management

When I saw Qrvey's serverless architecture I was excited. This is how we develop software so it is great to have an analytics product integrated into our product with the same architectural philosophy.