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Simple, yet mighty

Automation tools are either too technical for the average user or too simplistic to be useful but Qrvey sits on the sweet spot of being both approachable & robust.

Instant Alerts & Notifications

Be alerted the second an event occurs or if metrics slip to an alarming status. Qrvey can find you and your colleagues via email, SMS, Slack or wherever you happen to be.

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Automatic Follow-Ups

Let us deliver that perfect question or message to customers, employees or users that let them know you're thinking about them (even if you're away from your desk.)

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Intelligent Data Analysis

Spotting trends in your data doesn't have to take hours or a data scientist. Qrvey can intelligently spot trends in your data in just minutes.

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Build it, Don't Code It

Drag-and-drop to easily create an automated process to let you work faster, or to fill efficiency gaps in your day-to-day schedule.

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How it Works

Instantly deliver alerts, notifications or information based on data captured via forms, surveys, checklists, integration & more.


Collect data, using our collection tools on your website, within an application or part of your custom-built Qrvey solutions.


Analyze any type of data, using our user-friendly interface to easily filter and spot trends within our beautiful visualizations.


Act fast, by setting up workflows to automatically take action based on defined answers, timing or a schedule.

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