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Move Your Analytics Beyond Visualizations

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Do Way More Than Just Analysis & Visualizations

All-in-One Business Analytics Platform


Connect to all of your data sources including semi- and unstructured data


Augment and enhance your data using Data Router and machine learning


See and visualize your data with self-service and embedded analytics


Build data-driven workflows and data pipelines with a built-in automation engine


Access the latest machine learning and AI tools for data-driven decision making

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Researchers

Part of an organization fighting COVID-19? Contact us for details on using the Qrvey analytics platform free of charge.

Move Beyond Traditional Analytics

Solving Today’s Biggest Analytics Challenges

Dark Data

Traditional analytics is leaving up to 70% of your business data behind. The next generation of analytics needs to have an “all data accepted” motto that includes semi- and unstructured data.

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Legacy architectures have fallen behind the performance curve. Modern analytics platforms need to be cloud-native and built with microservices to perform today and future-proof for tomorrow.

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User Adoption

Self-service and embedded analytics aren’t enough to drive user adoption. Today’s data needs analytics in the automation layer so insights can find your users instead of the other way around.

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A Leader In Distributed Analytics

Deploying analytics outside of your organization requires a company with knowledge and experience in embedded and distributed analytics solutions. Qrvey’s strength is in B2B use cases. Our platform was built with OEM and embedded use cases in mind and our team has decades of experience catering to the unique needs of software companies like yours.

If you need to deploy self-service or embedded analytics to your customers, suppliers or other stakeholders, Qrvey is the perfect choice. We offer world-class analytics solutions and data pipelines that scale with your business, help you retain customers and give you the competitive edge you need in today’s competitive world.

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See for yourself how Qrvey simplifies analytics on AWS and moves beyond visualizations and into the age of microservices. We welcome the opportunity to show you what a modern analytics platform powered by machine learning can do and answer any questions you may have.

What Qrvey Offers

  • All data accepted — even dark data like images and video!
  • Automation, workflows, AI and machine learning
  • An advanced, cloud-native architecture that auto-scales to your needs
  • Business-friendly, flexible licensing

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A Unique Perspective

"Qrvey is uniquely positioned to disrupt the analytics market on AWS. They have set the bar for the entire analytics landscape."

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"Qrvey is quite frankly the only viable choice for a company looking to distribute embedded analytics either internally or via a SaaS application."

All-in-One Platform

"Qrvey offers everything you need in one complete platform. Manage your entire data pipeline with no add-ons or hidden costs!"