Make It, Don’t Code It

Start with one of our web forms or use an existing spreadsheet or database. Use our point-and-click design environment to make an application that takes smart action based on business logic.

data collection page & results rule - based actions

Simple, yet mighty

Qrvey’s no-code application builder lets professionals build rich applications in a quick & easy way. Opt for our approach that puts you in control, but without sacrificing power & richness.

No Spreadsheet Required

Choose from our suite of web forms – forms, surveys, polls, checklists and more – to start collecting new data, or build your application on top of an existing spreadsheet or database.

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Real-Time Changes

Quickly change business logic, page order or any other element within your application in seconds and without IT intervention.

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No Glass Ceiling

Build applications to meet new needs as they pop up. Choose from our ever-growing selection of new features to continuously make your solutions rich, robust and quick.

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Set Page Privacy

Build an application that is private, public or both. Gate particular pages that require authentication, to keep some data hidden from the public eye.

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Your Department’s Dream Application, Instantly

Whether you are in human resources, marketing, operations, sales or own your business, ditch manual work and opt for a solution “Built by you, used by you.”

I wish I could make my perfect ...

CRM / customer relationship management

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