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3-in-1 Embedded
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Do Way More Than Just Charts, Reports & Dashboards

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Analytics for Startups

Flexible Analytics Packages Tailored To Your Needs

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Meeting the Needs of Your Customers Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Finally take control of that ever-growing feature request list. Qrvey is the only analytics platform with the tools you need to empower and delight your users with cutting-edge features. 

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A Single Set of Widgets and APIs for All Your Analytics Needs

The best analytics in the world won’t matter if your dev team struggles to deploy it. We sweat the details of every widget and API call to ensure your developers stay happy.

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Embedded Analytics for Companies of Any Size


Flexible analytics packages tailored to the needs of startups

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Small & Mid-Size

Scalable analytics solutions for growing companies

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Powerful, dependable analytics for enterprise applications

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Qrvey has Revolutionized Embedded Analytics

  • A serverless, auto-scaling, cloud-native architecture
  • Automation, workflows, AI and machine learning
  • All data accepted -- even images and video!
  • Data collection and transformation built-in
  • Business-friendly licensing optimized for embedding