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Built exclusively for SaaS applications to help product teams deliver better analytics in less time while saving more money than they could ever expect.

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Embedded No-Code

The Freedom to Create the Best Analytics Experiences for Your Users

Give your SaaS customers the tools to be successful using their own data, from templates to custom report builders to single metrics.

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Control Where It Matters Most

With a deployed model for cloud environments on AWS, you get to keep your data in place maintaining control of your most important asset.

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Built on Serverless Tech

The Ultimate in Scalability with No Servers Required

Qrvey’s embedded analytics for SaaS relies on serverless technology from AWS that offers a forward thinking, modern analytics solution.

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Qrvey Knows It Takes a Team to be Successful

A successful SaaS embedded analytics solution requires coordination from each group. Qrvey’s embedded analytics for SaaS companies offers the most comprehensive solution that every team can get behind.

Product Managers

Create differentiation and monetize your analytics solution to increase the value your SaaS application offers.

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Engineering Managers

Stop wasting time building in-house. Move faster and make better use of your team’s time.

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DevOps Managers

Deploy in an unlimited number of environments with advanced content deployment tools.

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