Qrvey Support

QuickStart Package

Jump Start Your Embedded Analytics

Our QuickStart engagement package is designed to assist and support you with your first production go-live event. This engagement provides access to Qrvey’s expert platform architects to assist and enable you to meet your delivery timelines for go-live readiness. Qrvey’s team will organize this engagement around a set of mutually defined initiatives that may include a series of consultative sessions and deliverables.

Who Is This For?

The QuickStart is designed for customers seeking to go into production with a MVP on an 8 to 12 week timeline. This engagement is best for customers who need:

  • Experienced Qrvey platform architects to help guide the design and implementation of their embedded analytics solution
  • Advice and guidance from Qrvey’s expert consultants with over two decades of experience building embedded analytics solutions
  • Expedited development of custom data connectors, secure widget integrations, dataset population and custom branding

Customers should have at least one person with the following expertise and skill sets:

  • Front-end web development experience using a modern tech stack
  • Data blending experience with structured and unstructured data sources
  • Experience building web-based solutions with embedded third-party components

What Do You Get?

You will work with an experienced consultant who will help design, plan and construct the delivery timeline for your MVP. Qrvey’s consultant will manage the QuickStart engagement end to end and will –

  • Conduct biweekly meetings with your development team to address ongoing challenges
  • Coordinate with Qrvey’s platform architects to drive any mutually defined initiatives to completion
  • Facilitate the creation of design documents and architectural diagrams tailored to your specific analytics solution

You will also have an assigned expert development team consisting of a platform architect, front-end developer and data engineer who will –

  • Advise and consult on your data, security and embedding architectures
  • Create targeted design documents and architectural diagrams for widget integration, dataset design and multi-tenancy architecture
  • Assist with the development of custom data connectors, design and population of datasets, SSO integration efforts and custom theming and branding

Common Initiatives & Deliverables