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Solving Today’s Healthcare Data Challenges

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HealthTech Analytics Capabilities

Healthcare analytics now plays a vital role in hospitals, outpatient clinics, universities and research facilities. With every segment producing vast amounts of new and often real-time data, the healthcare industry needs new, scalable solutions that can do a lot more than just make charts, reports and dashboards.

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Analytics is Required to Understand the Patient Experience

Qrvey offers an all-in-one analytics platform that encompasses your entire data pipeline and can natively ingest HL7 FHIR formatted patient medical records.

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Sample Healthcare Use Cases

Data Consolidation

Medical facilities have to keep their tech up-to-date, and that means combining data from various systems in different formats, including FHIR, into one integrated view.

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Big Data & Digitization

Patient medical records have gone digital, but security is still a top concern. Learn more about how we built an AWS solution for healthcare analytics.

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AI & Predictive Analytics

Increased data volumes and sources have quickly outpaced our ability to analyze them, driving the demand for machine learning and predictive analytics.

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Internet of Medical Things

New classes of connected devices and smartwatches are generating real-time data that pose unique challenges for the healthcare community.

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