For Enterprise Companies

Become a data-driven organization

Qrvey has all of the tools you need to transform your business into a data-driven organization that engages your employees and encourages a data mindset.

With Qrvey You Can…


Replace legacy analytics products with a modern, cloud-native platform that uses the latest in microservice architecture to deliver fast, flexible and scalable analytics that are enterprise ready.


Use powerful automation to ingest, transform and prepare your data for analysis as well as take actions automatically based on the triggers and thresholds your users care about most.


Build all-new workflows and data pipelines to automate data processes and create modern analytics applications that can be embedded or shared throughout your enterprise and beyond.


Allow users to see their data in a whole new way. Deliver analytics to everyone within your organization to foster a data culture and promote new levels of data-driven decision making.

Shine a Light
on Your Dark Data

Your company’s data is one of your biggest competitive advantages. Don’t trust it to just anyone. Turn to the only analytics platform with an “all data accepted” philosophy that gives you the complete data picture to unlock its true potential. Qrvey can turn all of your semi- and unstructured data sources into meaningful insights that will keep you one step ahead of your competition and take you places you’ve never even imagined.

One Platform for All Your Analytics Needs

Qrvey is an all-in-one platform for all of your company’s analytics needs. Data collection, transformation, analysis, visualization, and automation are all included. Users can quickly build their own charts,reports, dashboards and metrics without writing a single line of code. Automation allows for alerts, notifications and integrations into third-party systems to make things happen the moment the data requires.

Simplify Your Analytics

Replace legacy systems and multiple products with a single, all-in-one platform that can do it all. Save time, save money and reduce complexity with a modern analytics solution.

Move Faster

Collect and prepare data for analysis the moment it’s created. Allow users to build their own alerts and thresholds. Make important decisions at the speed of your data.

Increase ROI

Deploying self-service analytics throughout your enterprise increases productivity, knowledge and understanding, all of which benefit your bottom line.

Step Into the Future With Machine Learning

Your company’s data is too big, too diverse and is being generated too quickly for mere mortals to make sense of it. Fortunately, Qrvey incorporates machine learning throughout our platform to give your users a hand. Text recognition, image analysis, sentiment and more all come standard. You can even build your machine learning models to meet your specific needs.

Total security.

Complete control.

Don’t trust your data to just anyone. Qrvey is not a SaaS product, we deploy directly into your existing AWS account. That means you’re always in control of your data and infrastructure, which makes security, privacy and compliance a breeze.

Qrvey has the right solution
no matter what your need!

Analysts & Teams

Starter visualizations and analytics for data analysts,
departments and teams

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Software Companies

Powerful embedded analytics solutions for software companies

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Enterprise-grade analytics solutions and applications that scale effortlessly

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System Integrators

Cost effective servware opportunities for consultants and systems integrators

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