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At Scale and Mission Critical

Data-driven decision making is no longer a luxury, it’s vital to your company’s success. That’s why Qrvey was built with a modern architecture to meet today’s data and enterprise analytics needs. Built and deployed on AWS, Qrvey can meet the most demanding of use cases with a scaleable, flexible and cost efficient enterprise analytics solution that consolidated your entire data pipeline into one analytics platform.

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Shine a Light
on Your Dark Data

Your company’s data is one of your biggest competitive advantages. Don’t trust it to just anyone. Turn to the only analytics platform with an “all data accepted” philosophy that gives you the complete data picture to unlock its true potential. Qrvey can turn all of your semi- and unstructured data sources into meaningful insights that will keep you one step ahead of your competition and take you places you’ve never even imagined.

One Platform For Your
Entire Data Pipeline

Qrvey is an 3-in-1 platform for all of your company’s analytics needs. Data collection and transformation, analysis and visualization, and automation and activation are all built-in. Users can quickly build their own charts, reports, dashboards and metrics without writing a single line of code. Automation allows for alerts, notifications and integrations into third-party systems to make things happen the moment the data requires.

Simplify Your Pipeline

Replace multiple products and services with a single 3-in-1 platform that can do it all. Save both time and money with analytics that were built for growth and scale.

Move Faster

Collect and transform data for analysis the moment it’s created. Allow users to build their own reports and visuals. And make important decisions faster than ever before.

Maximize Your ROI

Qrvey’s AWS-native analytics platform is 100% serverless. It’s always there when you need it, but never when you don’t. We maximize your analytics ROI.

Step Into the Future With Machine Learning

AI-enabled features and services are popping up all over the place, but building them for your application still requires a lot of time, effort and resources. That’s why Qrvey has tapped into the AI/ML capabilities of AWS to offer advanced text analytics, photo image recognition, forecasting, custom modeling and more. We’ve already done the hard work so you don’t have to. Your developers are free to keep working on your core competencies.

Total Security.

Complete Control.

Don’t trust your data to just anyone. Qrvey is not a SaaS product, we deploy directly into your existing AWS account. That means you’re always in control of your data and infrastructure, which makes security, privacy and compliance a breeze.

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See How Qrvey has Revolutionized Embedded Analytics

  • A serverless, cloud-native architecture that auto-scales to your needs
  • Automation, workflows, AI and machine learning
  • All data accepted -- even unstructured data like images and video!
  • Data collection and transformation capabilities built-in
  • Business-friendly licensing optimized for the embedded use case