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Qrvey is a complete end-to-end analytics platform that powers your entire data pipeline. It includes data collection and transformation capabilities to prepare your data for analysis, delivering on the promise of data-driven decision making in the cloud.

The More Data You Collect, the
More Powerful Your Business Becomes

All Data Types

SQL/structured data is just the tip of the iceberg. Companies today demand more performant databases and they have real-time data, analysis and automation use cases. The need to ingest all types of data – including structured, semi- and unstructured – is no longer optional, it’s vital for your company’s long-term success.

Scalable Ingestion

Qrvey was built on AWS to be 100% cloud-native and serverless, giving our platform the power and flexibility to effortlessly scale to meet any size data task. Whether you load your data in batches, on a schedule, or stream it in realtime via transactional services, Qrvey can scale to meet the challenge without breaking the bank.

A Full API Suite

A powerful REST API layer is included natively in Qrvey’s ingestion and transformation service. This allows you to easily load data on a schedule or transactionally as it happens within your application. Since most data requires transformation before analysis, hundreds of API-enabled transformations are also built right in.

Make Your Data Analytics-Ready With Data Router

Data Router is Qrvey’s native data transformation service that makes preparing your data for analysis effortless and completely automatic.

Reduce the Need for ETL

Many of the transformation and data loading services required by other analytics platforms are built right into Qrvey at the API layer. Combining fields, making calculations, using conditional logic, and complex filtering are just some of the many custom transformations you can deploy to make your data analytics ready.

AI & ML at Your Fingertips

As an AWS-native solution, Qrvey leverages the best-in-class AI/ML services from AWS to automatically, profile, enhance and augment your data. Features such as transcription for audio, sentiment analysis for text and objection detection in photos is not only possible, it’s continually improving along with AWS. 

Maximum Flexibility

Since Qrvey’s data model isn’t a traditional database, users can easily send new data types and fields at any time and have them made instantly available for analysis without the need to predefine them prior to loading. This eliminates the need for cumbersome and time-consuming ETL processes.

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