Visualization On Your Terms

Bring Your Data to Life With Powerful Visualization Tools

The Only 3-in-1 Analytics Solution

Qrvey is a complete end-to-end analytics platform that powers your entire data pipeline. It includes visualization and analysis tools that allow companies to see their data in a whole new light, delivering on the promise of data-driven decision making in the cloud.

Let Your Users Visualize And Tell Their Data Stories

Easy-To-Build Charts

Point, click, build. Allow your users to build beautiful and feature-rich charts, reports, metrics and dashboards. Qrvey’s easy-to-use chart builder is fully interactive with features like drill downs, filters and page actions.

Shareable Insights

Your users can easily share and disseminate their information and insights using Report Builder to create multi-page and multi-tab reports that include full interactivity and data security built right in.

Analytics Applications

Users can take their analytics to the next level with Qrvey’s Page Builder to create stand-alone or embedded applications complete with navigation, interactivity and even user access controls to keep your data safe and secure.

Analysis That’s More Than Just Pretty Pictures

Powerful Drill-Downs

Create drill-down rules that affect single chart, widget or an entire page, giving your users just the data they need, when they want it.

User-Defined Bucketing

Create custom data buckets on-the-fly to tailor your analysis views across charts, pages and even entire analytics applications.

Managed Access Controls

Grant access to data, insights and applications using Qrvey’s centralized, granular user access controls that keep you in control of your data.

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Analytics Platform

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See How Qrvey has Revolutionized Embedded Analytics

  • A serverless, cloud-native architecture that auto-scales to your needs
  • Automation, workflows, AI and machine learning
  • All data accepted -- even unstructured data like images and video!
  • Data collection and transformation capabilities built-in
  • Business-friendly licensing optimized for the embedded use case