Qrvey is the #1 Alternative to Sisense

Choose Qrvey over Sisense to Deliver Analytics with Less Development Effort

With a focus on embedded analytics, Qrvey provides a full-stack solution so development teams can build less and deliver more than ever.

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Qrvey is Built Exclusively for Embedded Analytics

Qrvey is the best Sisense alternative for embedded analytics. Qrvey enables you to offer your users advanced and customizable analytics experiences using their data within your application.

No other solution is built with your end user in mind.

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Product Direction

Quality of Support

Purpose-Built for Embedded Analytics

Qrvey 100% focused on embedded analytics, therefore every product decision and roadmap plan focuses on delivering the best experience to SaaS companies to build the analytics their customers want.

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Why You Should Consider Qrvey Instead

Qrvey’s rapid pace of innovation combined with a focus on embedded analytics means SaaS companies ship more analytics features and build less in-house.

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Reason #1

Optimized for multi-tenant analytics with a full technology stack that includes a semantic layer and integrated data lake.

white label analytics

Reason #2

Fully embeddable with the largest suite of embedded components so you can offer standard, customized, and editable reports.

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Reason #3

Scale without servers. Qrvey uses serverless technology to eliminate the need for expensive servers that sit idle most of every day.

High Level Comparison For Embedded Analytics

Feature/Aspect Sisense Qrvey
Security Model Self-contained and multi-instance support Assert model for dynamic authentication and authorization
User Management Isolated user management per tenant/deployment No creation of users in Qrvey’s system

Supports SSO, white labeling, user, and feature management.

Supports end user personalization and complete white labeling
Embed Types Multiple, but relies on iFrames to support most features. Javascript object embedded only, no iFrames
Deployment Complexity More complex with multi-instance approach Simpler deployment with assert model
Scalability Expensive scaling with multi-instance and multi-server cluster buildouts.  Scales well with dynamic permissions and existing schema using on-demand services.
Management Overhead Higher with multiple instances needed to support multi-tenant use cases Lower with simplified user management and infrastructure

Qrvey Delivers a Better Solution for Embedded Analytics

Qrvey offers you a modern embedded analytics layer for your SaaS application that includes:

No-Code Embedding

Everything is Embeddable

Full customization of the user experience with the widest range of embedded components

Modern Technology Stack

No Servers

Maximize cost efficiency and flexibility with the solution built to scale using cutting-edge on-demand services.

Qrvey AWS-Native Serverless embedded analytics

Self Hosted

Your Cloud Environment

You get ultimate control as Qrvey is deployed to your cloud environment inheriting and respecting your security policies.



See How JobNimbus deployed Qrvey to 6,000 customers and saw an immediate reduction in customer churn.

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Sisense Struggles on Points That Matter Most

Embedded analytics is not the core competency of Sisense

Basic Embedding

Difficult for Multi-Tenancy

They advertise their embedded components, but creating a multi-tenant setup integrates is a constant challenge.

Legacy Architecture

Server Clusters for Scaling

You need expensive servers to run Sisense on either cloud or on-prem hosting. Scaling is expensive.

Difficult Hosting

Performance is On You

You could host yourself, but server fees make deploying within your development environments expensive and prohibitive.

Qrvey is the Leader in Embedded Analytics Software

Qrvey leads the analytics industry for embedded analytics tools, but don’t take our word for it.

Qrvey is the Leader in Embedded Analytics Software
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Build Less Software. Deliver More Value.

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