Qrvey is the #1 alternative to Amazon QuickSight

Choose Qrvey over QuickSight to Deliver Analytics with Less Development Effort

With a focus on embedded analytics, Qrvey offers a full-stack solution so SaaS companies can deliver more and build less.

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Qrvey is Built Exclusively for Embedded Analytics

Qrvey is the best AWS QuickSight alternative for embedded analytics. Qrvey enables you to offer your users advanced and customizable analytics experiences using their data within your application.

No other solution is built with your end user in mind.



AWS QuickSight is an internal analytics tool, not an embedded analytics solution for SaaS.

Amazon QuickSight Does NOT:

Make everything embeddable (Uses iFrames)

Offer unlimited user licensing

Offer full white labeling of dashboards

Deploy to your dev environment

Offer turnkey multi-tenant configuration

Why You Should Consider Qrvey Instead

Qrvey’s rapid pace of innovation combined with a focus on embedded analytics means SaaS companies ship more analytics features and build less in-house.

healthcare analytics dashboard

Reason #1

Optimized for multi-tenant analytics with a full technology stack that includes a semantic layer and integrated data lake.

white label analytics

Reason #2

Fully embeddable with the largest suite of embedded components so you can offer standard, customized, and editable reports.

embedded analytics dashboard

Reason #3

Scale without servers. Qrvey uses serverless technology to eliminate the need for expensive servers that sit idle most of every day.



See How JobNimbus deployed Qrvey to 6,000 customers and saw an immediate reduction in customer churn.

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QuickSight Struggles on the Points That Matter Most

Embedded analytics is not the core competency of QuickSight

iFrame Only Embedding

Basic Offering

AWS QuickSight offers iFrame embedding making it nearly impossible to have dashboards blend into a SaaS app.

AWS Experts Required


Like most AWS services, it requires experts to setup and manage as you will have to put your data pipeline together yourself.

AWS Hosted

Not In Your Environment

You do not have control of software updates and no integration with your SLDC. It will feel like a SaaS platform.

Qrvey Remains The One Solution Built for Embedding

Let us show you why Qrvey is the best QuickSight alternative for embedded analytics.


Qrvey is the Leader in Embedded Analytics Software

Qrvey leads the analytics industry for embedded analytics tools, but don’t take our word for it.

Qrvey is the Leader in Embedded Analytics Software
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FAQs About Amazon QuickSight for Embedded Analytics

Does AWS QuickSight offer full white labeling?

AWS QuickSight’s embedded feature is only delivered via iFrames. When embedding dashboards with iFrame, you get minimal control over the look and feel and every tenant on a multi-tenant system will get the same experience. 

AWS QuickSight is priced based on sessions and users. This licensing path is often a challenge for SaaS companies trying to grow as costs are unpredictable. Additionally, at a certain sizes the cost to license grows out of control making the expensive too great for a SaaS company trying to manage expenses.

When companies are looking for AWS QuickSight alternatives, it depends on the use case. 

When the use case involves internal analytics (e.g. business units examining their own data), companies can evaluate alternatives such as Looker, PowerBI, Tableau, SiSense and others.

When the use case involves embedded analytics (e.g. enabling users of a multi-tenant SaaS application to build custom dashboards), Qrvey is the only option that provides a complete embedded analytics software that includes both the front-end visualization layer and a data management solution built with multi-tenant security controls natively included. 

AWS QuickSight is designed for internal use cases (e.g. line of business reporting or by data analysts). While they do support embedding with a generic iFrame feature, it’s not multi-tenant ready. 

Qrvey’s definition of multi-tenant ready includes features such as 

  • row/column level security
  • APIs for passing in user permissions to customize a dashboard on the fly
  • enabling users of one tenant to build a custom dashboard using custom data models specific to their tenant
  • being able to deploy content (e.g. dashboards, datasets) to specific tenants to support use cases such as beta rollouts, MVP products, and premium user tiers that permission more advanced features

AWS QuickSight won’t be able to support these requirements either at all or without significant development and knowledge of additional AWS services which means more time and money.

Amazon Q is not Free. Amazon Q costs $20 per user per month to use with Amaon QuickSight within it’s Business Pro version. The Business Lite version does not support using Amazon Q with QuickSight.

$20 per user per month makes this very cost prohibitive in a multi-tenant SaaS application as the per user costs will sky rocket when using with embedded analytics.

Qrvey offers unlimited user licensing so you can scale usage within a SaaS platform.

*pricing information as of May 1, 2024

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