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Qrvey vs Logi Analytics

There’s Only One Winner for
Embedded Analytics

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Companies Choose Qrvey Over Logi Analytics for Embedded Analytics Solutions Because Qrvey is
Purpose Built for SaaS Applications

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Comparison Overview

Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics is a fine choice if your needs are limited to the basic sharing of pre-designed visualizations, reports and dashboards. If seamless integration, development timelines and scalability are not important considerations for your use case, you might want to evaluate Logi Analytics.

Core Strengths

Basic Embedding of Visualizations
Traditional, Structured Data
Data Writebacks


Suitable choice for limited embedded applications/use cases


Qrvey was built from the ground up with the modern architecture needed to deliver the performance required by today’s demanding SaaS analytics projects. Qrvey can ingest any data, not just structured data, activating the remaining 70% of dark data that gets missed by legacy tools.

Core Strengths



Best choice for SaaS applications and distributed use cases


100% Cloud-Native

All-in-One Platform

Dashboards and Visualizations

Unlimited Users/Reports/Dashboards

SaaS-Friendly Pricing

Fully Embeddable

White Label

Partial Implementation Full Implementation

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