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Qrvey Powers The Best SaaS Apps with Embedded Analytics 

For embedding powerful yet customizable analytics into your application, Qrvey offers the best alternative to Logi Analytics and the insightSoftware lineup. With Qrvey, you can modernize your embedded analytics with the peace of mind that we’re with you for the long run.



Logi’s acquisition by insightSoftware has left customers uncertain about the future direction and viability of their embedded analytics.

Logi’s limitations include:

Old tech stack that was never cloud native

Not optimized for scaling SaaS apps

Little new feature development or roadmap

Lack of focus on SaaS after acquisition

Lack of a cohesive product portfolio

Qrvey Delivers a Modern Solution Built for the Future

For a solution built to scale with you, embedded analytics from Qrvey offers the best in class.

No-Code Embedding

Everything is Embeddable

Empower end users with full customization of the user experience with the widest range of embedded components

Modern Technology Stack

Built on Serverless Tech

Maximize cost efficiency and flexibility with the solution built to scale using cutting edge serverless technology.

Qrvey AWS-Native Serverless embedded analytics

Self Hosted

Your AWS Environment

You get ultimate control as Qrvey is deployed to your AWS environment inheriting and respecting your security policies.

Logi Struggles on the Points That Matter Most

Logi customers are finding it difficult to navigate these products since the acquisition by insightSoftware.

Legacy Architecture

Monolithic Server-Based

Hard to integrate into modern development processes and difficult to integrate into modern SaaS apps.

Basic Embedding

Difficult for Multi-Tenancy

They advertise their embedded components, but creating a multi-tenant setup is a constant challenge.

Difficult Hosting

Performance is On You

You could host yourself, but server fees make deploying within your development environments expensive and prohibitive.

Qrvey Remains The One Solution Built for Embedding

Let us show you why Qrvey is the best Logi and insightSoftware alternative for embedded analytics.

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