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Enterprise Analytics Delivered at Scale

Data-driven decision making is vital to your company’s success. Qrvey was built with a modern architecture to meet today’s enterprise data and analytics needs. 

Qrvey is deployed to cloud environments to meet the most demanding use cases with a scalable, flexible and cost-efficient embedded analytics platform for enterprise analytics software solutions.

Embedded Analytics Built for Enterprise Analytics Software

Data collection and transformation, analysis and visualization, and automation and activation are built-in. Users can quickly build their own dashboards without writing a single line of code and automation allows for alerts, notifications and integrations into third-party systems.


See how Global K9 Protection Group reduced costs by 60% with Qrvey.

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Data Collection & Transformation

Connect to All Your Data — Seriously

Your data is one of your biggest competitive advantages. Don’t trust it to just anyone. Turn to the only analytics platform with an “all data accepted” philosophy that gives you the complete data picture. Qrvey turns your semi- and unstructured data sources into meaningful insights that will keep you one step ahead of your competition.

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Security & Privacy

Secure and Scalable

Qrvey is not a SaaS product, we deploy directly into your existing cloud account. This gives you ultimate control over your security, privacy and compliance. 

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Enterprise Analytics Solutions With AI

Building AI-enabled features for your application used to require a lot of time, effort and resources. Qrvey offers native integrations for advanced text analytics, photo image recognition, forecasting, custom modeling and more to offer within your enterprise analytics tools.

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