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Analytics Can be a Powerful Differentiator

Reporting features within SaaS applications may seem like table stakes, but it’s often an area where SaaS companies can separate themselves from their competition. But building analytics in-house to allow customers to view and build their own custom reports is a time consuming and roadmap intensive feature that no SaaS company should ever undertake. 

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Sample SaaS Use Cases

Analysis Personalization

Users demand their software experiences are tailored to their needs. But this places a huge burden on traditional analytics tools that weren’t built in the cloud and don’t offer a single data repository for personalized analytics.

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Worry Free Scalability

Data is no longer measured in megabytes, it’s measured in terabytes and even petabytes. This level of analysis requires a fully cloud-native analytics platform to get the job done in seconds and minutes rather than days or weeks.

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Developer Resources

Analytics is another feature competing for space on your roadmap. You want to offer a competitive analytics feature, but you’re not sure how to deliver what your customer demands given your limited engineering resources.  

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No Code Automation for Everyone

SaaS applications are built on data, but the size, diversity and velocity of that data has never been more challenging. Ensuring your data is flowing in an automated fashion so it’s easily analyzed is crucial to your success.

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