Qrvey Support

Technical Advisory Service

Elevate Your Embedded Analytics

Our Technical Advisory Service (TAS) offering is designed for customers who are already in production with a Qrvey embedded analytics solution and would benefit from continued expert assistance and guidance around ongoing implementation and maintenance efforts. This service is offered as an annual subscription, and gives you an assigned Qrvey platform architect who will become intimately familiar with your specific embedded analytics solution and environment. Some of the efforts and initiatives this service was designed to help expedite include –

  • AWS Infrastructure Health Analysis
  • New Tenant Onboarding Processes
  • Platform Upgrade Preparation
  • Content Deployment Strategies
  • User-Defined Automated Workflows
  • Web Form Design & Implementation
  • Expanding Self-Service Authoring Capabilities
  • User-Defined Report Subscriptions
  • Language, Currency & Date Localization
  • Custom Styling & Branding Implementation

Your assigned expert platform architect will organize this advisory service around a set of mutually defined initiatives that typically includes a combination of consultative sessions with targeted deliverables. Some of the more common initiatives we have identified as post-MVP production efforts include –

  • Data Preparation activities such as identifying SQL and NoSQL unstructured data sources, building custom data connectors and structuring JSON data documents for import into Qrvey’s data engine.
  • Dataset Design activities such as schema design, array inflation, data transformations, geocoding and data sync configuration.
  • Security Architecture design considerations for OpenID and JWT SSO integrations, role creation, data security and application content access permissions.
  • Multi-Tenancy Design considerations around data security, content access permissions, content deployment, sharing and organizational hierarchies.
  • Integration & Embedding guidance around widget types, restricting functionality with permissions, OpenID and JWT integrations and end user personalization of reports and dashboards.
  • Branding & Theming of embedded widgets, charts, pages and reports; also includes special UI modifications and customized styling.
  • Web Form Design enablement of forms, surveys and quizzes; help with branching logic and use sentiment data capturing; data blending techniques to combine web form data with datasets from other data sources.
  • Automation Architecture design of workflows that utilize Slack integrations and custom web hooks.
  • Localization efforts to support multiple languages, currencies and date format visualization options
  • Content Deployment strategies for seamlessly integrating with your existing
  • DevOps release processes
  • AWS Infrastructure health analysis to ensure that all of the logging, monitoring, cost controls and service scaling options are in place and configured correctly

You will also get a sneak peek at our product roadmap to better plan for how you can align your next set of initiatives around embedded analytics with upcoming feature enhancements and new capabilities.