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How to Deliver a Modern Data Experience

Why Product Managers Care About Embedded Analytics

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Decoding BI Vendor Claims

How to Translate Marketing
Speak & Determine the True Scope of Functionality

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When a Snowflake Turns Into a Blizzard

Twelve Common Reasons that Snowflake Costs Rise and a Practical Solution to Fix Them

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Pitfalls in Embedding
Self-Service Analytics

Avoiding the Most Common
Mistakes in Adding Data Visualization
to your Software Products

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Show Me The Money

SaaS Pricing and Packaging Strategies to Maximize Revenue

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PM Series

How Embedded Analytics Helps Product Managers Exceed Their KPIs

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Executive Brief

The Hidden ROI of
Embedded Analytics for SaaS Companies

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Choosing the Best Fit

Embedded Analytics Product Fit Guide

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Why is Multi-Tenant Analytics So Hard?


Creating performant, secure, and scalable multi-tenant analytics requires overcoming steep engineering challenges that stretch the limits of...

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Pricing Strategies to Maximize Revenue from Analytics


Unlock the full potential of your SaaS business with our comprehensive guide on pricing and packaging strategies. 

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How JobNimbus deployed Qrvey to 6,000 customers


Discover how JobNimbus deployed Qrvey to 6,000 customers and saw an immediate reduction in customer churn....

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