Self-Service Analytics

Empower Users To Build Faster On Their Terms

Give the power of data analysis to everyone. Users can create their own reports powered by multi-tenant data security.

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There are lots of dashboard builders, but none with native multi-tenant data security that can process billions of rows of data.

Through role-based access controls and dynamic data filtering, Qrvey offers users access to visualize the data they are authorized to view, using an intuitive dashboard builder.


See How JobNimbus deployed Qrvey to 6,000 customers and saw an immediate reduction in customer churn.

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Qrvey Offers a Comprehensive Solution For Self-Service Analytics

Enterprise scale and performance combined with flexible builders for any type of user.

self service analytics
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FAQs About Self-Service Analytics

Self-service analytics is designed for business users across departments, like marketing, sales, finance, and customer support. It empowers those who understand their specific business questions but may not have the technical expertise to write complex queries or build reports from scratch.

With self-service analytics, users can gain quick insights into metrics that are important to their business or job function. 

This allows for data-driven decision making on budgets, performance, process optimization and much more.

Absolutely! Self-service analytics tools are designed with user-friendly interfaces and drag-and-drop functionality. You don’t need coding experience to get started. Many tools offer pre-built dashboards and reports tailored to marketing needs.

Data security is our top priority at Qrvey which is why we only offer our solution as self-hosted.

This keeps your data in your cloud environment and adds robust access controls, encryption, and user authentication features to ensure only authorized users can access specific data sets.

Not at all! Self-service analytics frees up analysts’ time from repetitive tasks like report generation. They can focus on more complex data analysis, building advanced models, and providing strategic guidance to various teams.