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Qrvey vs Tableau

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Qrvey Powers The Best SaaS Apps with Embedded Analytics

For embedding powerful yet customizable analytics into your application, Qrvey offers the best alternative to Tableau embedded analytics. With Qrvey, you get a solution that is natively built for embedded analytics.

Your end users are Qrvey’s top priority.

Tableau is now an internal analytics tool for Salesforce, not an embedded analytics layer.

Tableau’s embedded analytics limitations include:

Per user licensing, does not scale for SaaS

Difficult multi-tenant configuration

Expensive scaling for large datasets

Lack of integration into dev environments

Limited UI customization options

Qrvey Delivers a Better Solution for Embedded Analytics

Qrvey offers you a modern embedded analytics layer for your SaaS application that includes:

No-Code Embedding

Everything is Embeddable

Empower end users with full customization of the user experience with the widest range of embedded components.

Modern Technology Stack

Built on Serverless Tech

Maximize cost efficiency and flexibility with the solution built to scale using cutting-edge serverless technology.

Qrvey AWS-Native Serverless embedded analytics

Self Hosted

Your AWS Environment

You get ultimate control as Qrvey is deployed to your AWS environment inheriting and respecting your security policies.

Tableau Struggles with the Points That Matter Most

Now firmly part of the Salesforce cloud, embedded analytics is an afterthought

Legacy Architecture


Tableau was designed for IT management, but now Salesforce is moving them to support  Salesforce use cases only.

Basic Embedding

Difficult for Multi-Tenancy They show off embedded dashboards, but that’s it. Offering a multi-tenant solution for SaaS apps is difficult to achieve.

Difficult Hosting

Performance is on You You could host yourself, but Salesforce now wants you in their cloud, otherwise, data performance is your responsibility.

Qrvey Remains The One Solution Built for Embedding

Let us show you why Qrvey is the best alternative to Tableau embedded analytics.

Qrvey G2Qrvey

Voted High Performer Embedded Analytics Solution on G2

"Excellent platform for embedded, cloud-native analytics and automation on AWS"

Dara K — Analytics Program

”The people of Qrvey are incredible”

AC — Software Administrator

”Excellent Product and Customer Support”

Srinivasa S — CTO

"Fantastic Analytics Platform"

Ali A — CEO

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Learn about Qrvey’s embedded analytics platform and get quick answers to your questions by scheduling a demo with one of our embedded analytics experts. See why we’re the logical choice for SaaS companies like you.

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