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A Powerful Developer Toolbox for Your Entire Data Pipeline

Developers love Qrvey because Qrvey is built for the way you build software. Qrvey boosts developer productivity with low-code javascript widgets combined with a powerful suite of APIs that let you build custom analytics features directly into your SaaS application with full customization and white-labeling. You can easily integrate and embed data collection, transformation, analysis, visualizations, automation and AI/ML functionality. Best of all, Qrvey is the only cloud-native embedded platform that is 100% SDLC compliant. 

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We’re analytics built for the way you build software

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Qrvey is 100% SDLC Compliant

Qrvey is built for the way you build software. We’re not a SaaS service or a server-based solution that will charge you extra for development and testing environments. With Qrvey, your development, testing and production environments are built right in. We even include all of the tools you’ll need to make deploying your applications between your multiple instances a breeze.

And since Qrvey deploys into your own AWS environment, important features like data security, privacy and infrastructure management are also built in. All of these features, along with pricing, licensing and many others, are what makes Qrvey the embedded analytics platform built for SaaS providers like you. 

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