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Company Overview



CRM and Project Management Software for Contractors



The Company

Meet JobNimbus

JobNimbus is a CRM and project management platform tailored for exterior home renovation contractors such as roofers, window installers, etc.



Struggled with Churn

The company struggled with churn among some of its large enterprise customers due to inflexible legacy reporting modules within its platform. Customers needed more visibility into key business metrics to run their projects effectively.

They wanted an embedded analytics solution that was:

  • Flexible & customizable without development overhead
  • Fast time-to-value to address urgent customer needs
  • Easy for non-technical users to build reports and dashboards
  • Cost-effective and aligned with its licensing model
  • Capable of handling messy, unstructured data



“We can’t speak highly enough of the stellar team at Qrvey; their dedication is something we truly value.”

Ryan Q, Senior Product Manager at JobNimbus




Self-Service For Custom Report Building

After evaluating several alternatives, JobNimbus selected Qrvey for its embedded analytics solution. The self-service, drag-and-drop simplicity of the Qrvey platform allowed JobNimbus’ product team to quickly build custom reports and dashboards addressing their customer pain points.

Flexible data modeling allowed the integration of insights across disparate sources without extensive transformations, while robust governance guardrails ensured security and manageability. Qrvey’s cloud-native architecture scaled elastically while avoiding excessive infrastructure overhead costs.

Throughout the buying and implementation process, JobNimbus received outstanding support from Qrvey’s customer success and engineering teams, cementing a trusted partnership.


The Results

Happier Customers

Within months of deploying Qrvey, JobNimbus achieved:

  • 70% adoption among targeted large enterprise users
  • Meaningful increase in product market fit score
  • Significant reduction in customer churn due to reporting limitations
  • Streamlined product development cycles
  • Enhanced user insights and satisfaction

For JobNimbus, Qrvey’s embedded analytics capabilities were crucial for providing customizable, timely business insights essential to retaining and delighting their customers.

The solution delivered the flexibility, performance, and ease of use needed to exceed their business goals.

Qrvey is the Leader in Embedded Analytics Software

Qrvey leads the analytics industry for embedded analytics tools, but don’t take our word for it.

Qrvey is the Leader in Embedded Analytics Software
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