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Embedded Analytics Can be a Powerful Differentiator

Separate yourself from the competition and give your customers the reporting functionality they demand while never losing sight of your roadmap. 

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Embedded Analytics Can be a Powerful Differentiator

Qrvey’s workflow and user data features open up larger markets by adding the ability to sell to more complex, more deeply integrated use cases across any type of data. Learn More


Data Security at Every Level

Qrvey deploys into your existing AWS infrastructure, making security and compliance a breeze, and it offers a full-suite of security tools and features that support multi-tenant SaaS apps. 

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Lower Your Development Costs

Lower Effort and Cost -- Cloud-Native

Embedding analytics into SaaS applications has never been easier. Our pre-built javascript widgets make it a snap to embed charts, reports and dashboards right into your app. Learn More

Learn How Global K9 Protection Group Reduced Costs by 60% with Qrvey

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